Sunday, October 28, 2007

GOOGLE the Anti-Christ?

Believe it or not people Google may be the next anti-Christ.
Having used and browsed the endless selection of features that seem to anticipate your every need before you even can begin to conceptualize being offered by the juggernaut of a company, it Dawned on me that Google may indeed be becoming too powerful... already the 'Google' has been accepted in a number of languages as a legitimate word.... almost automatically without thinking all of use use Google to search for items... slowly but surely more and more people are using and becoming addicted to Gmail and Gtalk and are realizing the never have to leave the Domain.....

The ultimate testimony to google's might came when i started to hear rumors about an OS...... yes ladies and gentlemen Google may be producing an Operating System.....

Already to take full control of all the information on the internet the only thing Google has left to acquire is WIKIPEDIA. Once that is done we are doomed as Google will become the supreme ruler of all that is internet.

But why? you may ask, why would Google become evil after all it has done for us.... ..

Because man is not meant to have such power. Never forget : "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Finally got internet at home so now I can return to my first home within the blogosphere :D
Feels great to be back :D

Friday, June 01, 2007

Fun Times

At practice Mark2 (hehehe) came by... didn't get say much to him but when we started playing again.. didn't need to say anything,,, It was good having him on the pans again (understatement)......

I could go on and on but Suffice it to say I miss those days...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Sex and Sexuality

Why do you think we as humans have demonized sex and Ourselves as sexual creatures?

This was a question a friend of mine asked me today.. and immediately I knew the blame could be pointed squarely on religion.
Almost every major religion frowns open things of a sexual nature... Its is almost as if Sex is ONLY for procreation.. and not recreation...

Is this right however?... should we be ashamed of things of a sexual nature... should we forever try to hide and deny that We are sexual beings (at least in public).
Thinking about it I can understand why religions developed rules and guidelines regarding Sex... it helped foster 'healthy' families as well as helping to control population growth...To an extent.

But now with the advent of contraceptives and and other nifty little devices.. it is possible for our society to enjoy sex with little fear of diseases or babies. This being the case.. has the restriction religions place on sex, become a precept based on an outdated principle?

Interestingly, I don't think so.. as my mother always said.. "Too much a one ting good fi nuttin". Sex, I believe should be treated with a sort of respect.. call me a romantic.. but I believe it is an ultimate expression of love between too ppl...
To ensure this respect remains for this most pleasurable of activities... it is the duty of religions to continue to show the way....

Mind you, most ppl wont wait till marriage, but the teachings of the church wont be forgotten and as a result, though a small miniscule voice,... there will be a part of them that sees it slightly differently...
Now for every rule there is an exception... but be it as it may I believe it is important for religions to continue to send a message re-enforcing the sacredness intercourse.

This leads to a delima.. how can one follow ones religion and still acknowledge & explore ones sexuality?
This is exceedingly difficult, as from the first day you entered church they stop just short of telling you Sex was of the devil..... hmmm
I of course cant agree with that sentiment.... however I am not sure what to believe...
I was reminded Sunday a good portion of one's walk with God requires sacrifice.... but where does the line between sacrifice and fanaticism start and end? Or is it that we should all be fanatics... mindless drones that cant think for ourselves?

Where should we who would follow or religion's teachings draw the line? Tuff Question.. and everyone has to answer that Question for themselves.

To Be Continued.....

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Some of the Best TV has to offer.

The following list are just some of the shows I watch. I am sure there are other shows out there that are good... Like House. But see that I don't normally get to watch house I wont but it on my list. Also the List are not sorted in any order.

Best reality TV program:
-Deadliest Catch

Best Comedy/Sitcom:

Best News Program:
-The Daily Show

Best SciFi Series Currently Running:
- Stargate SG1
-Stargate Atlantis
-BattleStar Galactica

Best Series Currently Running

Best Documentary Series
-Planet Earth
-Modern Marvels
-What America Eats
-Penn & Teller's Bullshit
-Dirty Jobs

Best news station
-BBC world

Best Cartoons
-Ghost in the shell
-Full metal alchemist
-Danny Phantom
-Teen Titans
-Ben 10

Please bear in mind this list is just the beginning

Monday, April 30, 2007

Who is thy brothers Keeper?

"Where is the US, Where is the UK where is the United Nations?!"

This was a cry from a citizen of Somalia re the ongoing conflict there....
This cry has been echoed in Darfur and Zimbabwe and countless other nations that have been torn apart by war.
Valiantly, the almost impotent UN try to send aid... but it is either not enough or the sadistic rulers of countries such as Darfur try to block them at every turn.

Many times when I hear such pleas for help I wonder; why cant Africans save Africa? Why should the west take it upon themselves to save Africa from Africans? Why?
Of course the good book tells us why."Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".
You never know when it will be your turn to be saved from yourself.
And so it is incumbent upon us, as citizens of the world to act......

But this leads me to a BBC program titled "Death To America" , where they explore the reasons behind the hatred many countries have for the United states.
In looking at a number of conflicts I have found that America serves its own self interest.... not democracy, or liberty or freedom like they would have you believe.... the are primarily interested in their own well being.
Having said this the next question one must ask one's self is; Is this wrong. Is it wrong for a country to look out for its own self interest first? is it crime to want the best for yourself and your family?
I put it to u that there are no truly benevolent countries on this planet. And each and every single nation has its own wellbeing as the highest of it's priorities... Why then should we expect the richest and most powerful to be any different?
What right do we.. or Darfur or Palistine or Zimbabwe or anyone for that matter, have to demand anything from anyone?

Dont get me wrong... I believe it is imperative for a country in a position to help to do so.. and I believe that when in need of help... But as much as it is incumbent on one nation to help another it is equally important for the nation requesting help to know that this is a request... It is not their place to demand.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


A friend of mine, who lives in the states, asked me If I thought smoking weed was wrong... I immediately laughed and responded that I was Jamaican , Of course I don't!

After thinking about it thought I realize I was telling the truth.. I do believe It can be dangerous for some people and deadly if "seasoned". Outside of that, however, I have no problem with it...Personally I have not, and I dont think I would.
I realized;
1. where I grew up influenced how I view some things,
2. some stigma's can be founded (even remotely) on some truth.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Crucify Him!

And It came to pass in the season of lent In the year of Our Lord 2007 a great hue and cry arose from the people as they saw their pitifully weak team crumble before the might of the world.

And as it is with such matters, the people cried for blood... Crucify Him! Crucify Him!

Him who? you may ask... alas it is none other than one of the 2 favorite scape goats of the WI; Sir Brian Charles Lara (the other being the WI cricket board)

I must admit at one time I too would have called for his head. However, I can no longer do so, I cannot blame the Crown Price of cricket, nor can I blame the 'dimwits' that make up our cricket board... no my fellow West Indians they are not to blame.

The Great Lara has proven himself over and over to be one of the best Batsmen to ever play the game.. He has (in recent years) shown a cool head and sensible leader ship.
As for the Board... well.. when given your pick of sh*t on must select the one the stinks the least...

However this method has backfired... as the entire cricketing team seems to carry the same stench of fickleness about them.

As you can guess by now that I blame the entire team. Their &#%$!!! level of playing in super 8 thus far has me feeling the need to have them all fired... Lara cannot be blamed.. he has tried and when he is out on the Pitch I see him make an impact on those around him as well as the flow of the game... however I refuse to believe these "PROFESSIONAL" sportsmen need "Godfather" Lara to hold their hands constantly to play a sensible game of cricket. No, they must be held accountable.

So in this season of lent.. lets not be quick to behead the king while we let the headless chickens around him run amok.

Friday, March 23, 2007

April 11, Panfestival

Last night I tried my best to get a song I wanted played at a playout... and as much as i am disappointed that I didn’t end up having things my way.. I felt good at the end....
It felt good having and argument about Pan that resulted in some action being taken.... I have been in too many where the result has me depressed and wanting to play in another band.

In any case the list for th April 11th playout is not what I would call an Ideal list and the 1/2 hour limitation really sucks... But the songs selected.. (*not all the best we have to over) allows us to have fun with the music.. And have a Vibe.. A nice jam Session if you will.. cant complain. I am really excited about this playout and I hope we "wow" everyone there.

Kudos’ to D ,
Boy as much as we don’t agree at times you Nuff respect for continuing working with the band.... I can only imagine how hard it is.. I know we (ie the band) dont really take much time to really acknowledge how much u are doin for the band.

Nuff respek (y)

Sunday, March 11, 2007


This Thursday I actually got annoyed with the band. Here we were getting an excellent opportunity to play with the other bands in the Island... and we almost didn't take it... there was NO sense of urgency... NO drive... NO desire to find a way.. someway, to overcome whatever difficulties we faced to play at this event....

I don't know why but it hurt me.. and finally I begin to see why ppl leave..... I love to perform.. its a big part of why I stay in the band. Needless to say My mainstay is a concert... a concert makes everything I sacrifice for pan worthwhile (that and the summer lyme).

But i digress

That night was a stark reminder that not everyone has the same priorities and desires as I do..... thats just life and everyone has a right to live their own... Now i seriously wonder;
If i want to perform is Panoridim the place for me? I mean for concerts most definitely, but.... for the rest of the year?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Jamaicans do not distinguish between bi-sexual and being gay... in my head they are 2 different things...

To be gay I Believe you are only attracted to the same sex... to be 'Bi' U are just extremely open and freaky sexually.
Are these views incorrect?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

War on Iran?

The Big question on allot of peoples lips now-a-days, is whether or not the US is going to bomb IRAN if it does not comply with its demands to halt its Nuclear development plans.

I am of 2 minds on this matter... I am (as i have indicated in previous blogs) DISGUSTED with Bush's FTWDAMFS policy

(FTWDAMFS -> "F*** The World Dont Ask Me For Sh*t")

As a result, his 'macho' posturing on this issue has me feeling that a war with Iran is inevitable....
In spite of this, to think that Iran is ONLY gonna use its nuclear plants for producing power would be behaving like a very naive school girl..... Iran is a Muslim state... home to many extremists.. the Govt might not plan to start a war... but the extremists do and I don't think the govt can, or even wants to, Stop them.

So the question then becomes, What do we do? neither side is strong enough to totally annihilate the other.. Albeit America can do considerably more damage... Iran's retaliation, I expect, would be a even greater support for radicals and extremists.... something that would not bode well for US citizens anywhere in the world......

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I just saw a friend of mine with an interesting MSN name;

Love sucks...True Love Swallows


Do you realize that for the first time in 3 years we not having not having an Anti-Valentines day lyme?

Interesting how things change.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Customer Service

Yesterdays playout was a little Eye opener for me where it concerns customer service.

As a programmer and being involved with many projects.. I have learned that if you want your project to be finished in time and on budget avoid offering things to your customers... Unless it is an Item that is necessary or you believe they will need eventually.. never offer them or suggest the possibilities of the program... If you offer it they will want it and you will then suffer from what project managers call "Scope creep", which is the bane of all IT projects.

No I have been applying this basic principle to how I do playouts.. but yesterday I realized (thanks to mummy Mel) that a playout is not a IT project. We are service providers that interact directly and constantly with our customers... It is our jobs to provide a service/product that will satisfy our clients. As a result, to do so, one must be prepared to go the extra mile for them... especially if you wish to leave a good impression with them.... This is much easier said than done. The people you work with are volunteers and as such have no incentive other than their own personal motivation to go that extra mile. One must cognizant of the needs of 20 or so hungry & tired ppl who have been working there ass off for over and hour. You are not paying them and when it comes to it they are free to leave at any given time.

Now the trick is finding this balance. To what extent to you go the extra mile.. for whom do you go the distance .. when do you decide to stop... At what point is going the extra mile being taken advantage of? To what extent do you listen to the players and to what extent do you tell them what needs to be done...
These are just some of the questions I am still learning to answer... all in all I enjoy this post of PRO.. this more than any other position has taught me a great deal and I am still learning....maybe some day I'll even have all the answers...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Yesterday I went to pay for my insurance... now amongst the million and one obscure reasons they find to tack on more money to your bill I noticed that there was a particular fee that was RIDICULOUS.

For inexperienced drivers Men are required to pay a extra 35% of the value of the car while women.... Check this....... have to pay 10%.


Why is it the inexperienced women can pay LESS than 1\3 of what inexperienced men are forced to pay.
No! I don't care what statistics say about who has more accidents... You don't go arresting every black person you see just because they commit more crime!

I'm just saying!

Look, I am not saying the insurance company should not take risk into account but if it was just double... i.e. 10% for women and 20% for men, I would chuckkle at it a bit... BUT MORE THAN 3 ******* TIMES the amount? that is just #$%^&#@!!!!!!!!!

Signed: A Victim of feminism

Friday, January 26, 2007

Public Service Announcement

'Full House Friday' is the BEST show on radio.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My home town

This morning I heard the number of people murdered in Montego Bay since the start of the year has risen to 25.

I remember there was point where I use to think I didn't want to move to Kingston because it was way too violent. How long ago that seems.. now I fear going home . So sad , More than anything I want my parents to move, but the question is where? Where in Montego bay is safe? where in Jamaican is safe for that matter. (sigh)

You know the worse part in all of this.. in yesterdays news there was a report about a police man being killed and the first thought that came to mind was that he prob was a corrupt cop that got too greedy with the criminals that he was dealing with.... At what point did my impression of the police force get so low? :S

This the level at which my home town has reached... a point where I cant tell the criminals from the police? But what can one do?

The more I listen to the news of late the more I feel the need for the return of Adams... We are at a point where being a policeman means nothing... they can be attacked and killed like anybody else :S call me naive but I want a police force that criminals fear. I want to know that Police are near untouchable and that the consiquences for attacking them would be dire. Why do I want this you ask? Because I want to know at least that If I need to run to the police for protection then I will be protected... I mean I know they are currupt and that ppl like Adams are cold blooded murderers, but I want to know that my police force is capable of protecting themselves and by extension me....

I may be wrong, but at least in mobay we are fast approaching the point where we must fight fire power with fire power... I can't find it in me to have much remorse for these people... Everyday I hear news from Mobay my heart skips a beat as I wait to hear if i recognize any of the names they call... this is no way to live... no way to live at all....

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lessons (The war on Terror)

As You can probably guess by now I am not a big fan of Bush but last night I stayed up late watching a program on National Geographic recounting the events on September 11. It was a painful reminder that we are now post 9/11 and we are not to forget the lessons the 2,973 souls on that day died to teach us.

Immediately after 9/11 president Bush acted as any leader should have.. I may not like the route he took but being fair to him.. his decisive take no prisoners attitude was Ideally what the The American public.. and I dare say.. the world needed at the time.

After the the attack in Afghanistan he made a declaration about the axis points of Evil... Effectively eliminating diplomacy as an option with many of the US's enemies. Personally I do not appreciate the way Bush is waging this war on Terror (which I now think is essential) and I believe Clinton would have found a way to best balance the use of force with Diplomacy.
What Bush has wrongfully created, is an "Us against the world" outlook. This can never work.. yes a hard line approach is needed but like the Tanqueray add says "Everything in moderation".

After watching the 9/11 events again I felt an anger and a need to lash out against those who carried out this act.. but we need to also be careful not to create more extremist in the process.

As Gen. Rupert Smith pointed out on the daily show last night, "THE ART OF WAR IN THE MODERN WORLD” cannot be based off the use of force only but it requires one to fight on all fronts, such as Diplomacy, PR, Force...... etc., simultaneously.
This is something I doubt Bush realizes.... Oh and do not think I believe he is acting as he does soley for the benefit of the American People. I still think he is also acting in his own self interest as well. For as far as the 2 can work together..... A question that comes to mind, however, is; if it comes to a choice between the 2 what will he do?

Final Report? Well I now believe Bush has generally the right Idea with regards to his war on Terror However I do believe his plans of action are not able to achieve the objective we all need to see.

In closing however I challenge us to never forget 9/11 and to be honest with ourselves... the Americans have done as much and maybe even worse atrocities in its time... they are no saints. We should apply such lessons to all that we do... the actions that we do today may haunt us tomorrow... beware of the monsters we create. And though it may be hard, try to see the big picture there is a time and place for everthing and every action and reaction must be done in moderation.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Jamaica and Homosexuality

There are times when the utterances of my sister are just profound beyond measure
Last night while going to pan I was informed;

"Jamaicans are not Homophobic, we are Homo-Intolerant. No Jamaican is afraid of any homosexual"

Please note these views are not the views of myself or my sister.. but Jamaica is a very interesting place.

Friday, January 12, 2007


20ooo more troops.... hmmmmm

ladies and gentlemen something must be wrong with me. I find myself agreeing with Bush for the first time ever.

The reality of the Iraqi situation is such that America should never have invaded to begin with

But the did and as such they have on their hands a sh*t storm to deal with

It is now the responsibility of the American ppl (who elected this moron to begin with) to deal with the situation at hand. Just pulling out troops after you have screwed a country over is not the way to go.. I point you to what happened to Afghanistan. Look, if you created a monster you need to tame it or else it WILL bite you

Now as for the US policy? I think the US should stop using diplomacy as a last resort.... oh sorry..... they dont use diplomacy at all do they.
Force is needed and soldiers need get what ever resource there is to help them do their Jobs. and so I agree with the 20 thou extra troops.. What I want to see is what they are going to do. They can either help or make the situation worse. Lets hope for the best... oh wait he's in for another 2 yrs isn't he.... DAMN! OK screw that... hush Iraq.

You know in all of this both Syria and Iran can help the Americans greatly in returning order to Iraq however being the 'Axis point' on Satan's Domain on earth the of course will do nothing to help these Saints who only wish to do the lords work by bending the Iraqi ppl over and taking their oil....

Like it or not America will not get anywhere until they can reach an arrangement with both countries... You know the amazing thing The president of Syria, in a BBC interview, announced that he wanted to talk.. but
of course the Bush administration is to (beeeeeeeeep) to do so. Now dont get me wrong the Syrians are going to make sure that they get the better end of the stick in any talks they have With the US. Right now they are sitting pretty quietly helping Palestinians, Lebanese and Iraqi's make life difficult for the Bush and his allies.
The reality is it will come to a point where they realize that they are beating their heads against a wall.... At least Blair seems to begin to realize this... seeing that Bush doesn't really have much off a brain to damage we have to wait for the next election. Once they do and they start talking I believe allot of these 'terrorist groups' will find themselves in trouble....

Reality check:
Then again even as I type this I know I am being an Idealist... I do believe talks are necessary but how effective will they be??? will the world ever find peace?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

World Affairs titbits

1) "I plan to emulate the graetest Socialist that ever lived, Jesus Christ"

Those were the words of Hugo Chavez when giving his inauguartion speech... this man is a real thugi-thug

2) So in an interview recently a US diplomat referred to Castro and Chavez as being arsonist..... I know! I know! Doesn't sound like much.. but for a state official/Diplomat to use such strong words on BBC is unusual.... oh wait... My bad Totally forgot the "The Devil was here yesterday" speech... ah well try again US.. no oner and I mean NO ONE can top that speech TUFFFF!!!!!
Those of you who had the privileged of seeing the speech, mark that day as the day the UN saw the wickidess speech it had ever heard.... HYPE!!!

3) Again the the US has done it... WHY THE **** , (calm down )
It turns out that the US unilaterally launched air strikes in Somalia recently. Now, I don't care who you said you were attacking but to violate the sovereignty of a nation and to attack anywhere u please unilaterally is just @#$%^&*#@!!!!!!!!!!
In any case within days of assuming leadership of the UN the new Secretary general has felt the need to speak out against the actions of the almighty F*** the world don't ask me for S**** United States. Of course, he as only succeeded in reminding the world of the impotence of the UN against the awsome might of (beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep)

** This titbit has been discontinued as it may offend some readers of the blog**

Ortega is president (raised eyebrow)... my, the world has changed... or has it?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Death ofa dictator

On the 30th day of the 12th month in the year of our Lord 2006 the world rejoiced as man was hung by neck the until dead.

A truly proud moment for the Human race.

I do not dispute that fact that this man committed evil deeds, yet it is clear that that his trial was a mere formality a true mockery of what justice should stand for... Just because the whole world THINKS someone is evil should we do away fair trials.

I would have felt better if he was tried before an international tribunal. At least there the law is followed to the letter (or at least so it seems).

I don't know how I feel about the death penalty, there are times I support it and there are other times I feel its barbaric and it reduces us to the level of those who we wish to kill.

In either case I felt a bit repulsed with the way we all were glad that a human life was snuffed out.... It felt wrong.

I'm Bak?

Lo and Behold, it seems that the powers that be have deemed it fit to return access to the blogosphere to the plebeians. As as result I am back.... at least until they decide to remove my access to the wonderful universe again