Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Water In The Face

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Yesterday I was having a discussion with a freind and some of the things she said made me realize a few things. In discussion I had this week a good freind of mine who I have greate deal of respect for, looked at me and said I was an Idiot, at the time I thought that it was kind of a harsh statement, but after last nights discussion I realize what he was try to say to me. Have you ever had 'cold water' thrown in you face where out of the blue people who are close to all of a sudden decide its time to let you know You have been Ass (a total ass). Not a kool feeling. I have spent a good portion of last night and this morning thinking about this, (here is where I need a private blog, no need to reveal all of my issues for the world to see, boring stuff any way.) and I realize that this requires me to rethink how I approach dealing with people. This time last year I would have said that the Typical "Quarter Life Crisis" stuff didn't apply to me, I mean I had good freinds, I more or less knew what i wanted to do with my life, and I had long since known that my current proffession was the right one for me, but like I said that was almost a year ago. In the pass 4 months things have gotten kinda 'topsi turvy' and I realize that I have dealt with the situation probabley in not the best of ways. It brings me bak to the eternal Question that I thought I had left behind when I was trying to decide what I was going to do in University: "Who Am I". Now of course taht was directly in relation to my Carrier, this time the Who am I Q is different, it is actually "Who Am I To My Freinds and Family" or rather, Who Do I want to be? Tuff Q, and to be honest I miss the days when things weren't this complicated and life was simpler...... oh wait......That has never been the case if its not one thing its another, I guess the day I no longer have anything like this to work on I would have acheived perfection :D.
I any case, the current game plan is to get my spiritual life bak on track (have to admit its not been very progressive for the pass 6 yrs), and I hope that that will help me to put things a in perspective and give me the correct course of action.

Here endeth the reading of The Seekers Personal Chronicle.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

HBO Special

(we bun a spel chek)

Greetings and salutations.
Last night I left work @ 11:45 and stayed up ontil 2am watch one of the best HBO specials I have ever seen. Whoopi Golberg's stand up comedy was hillarious, insiteful, life changeing, and made me think. I believe that every one should watch this show, it not like the others where you end up laughing so much you miss any message the speaker has, no, this performance had me rolling and thinking at the same time, Quite a feet. She challanged Me as an induvidual to think for myself, not to accept everything that is handed down to me. She challenged me to think, and re-evaluate the way in which i Interacted with others around me. She made me ashamed of myself when I treated other people in ways I shouldn't, yet she challenged me to change. She opend my eyes to women, help me to think in different ways, she showed me some of the challanges women face in various stages in their life, things I knew about, but never really knew about, If you know what I mean. She told of her stuggles with "Change" and kinda helped me to think about it differently, and hopefully I'll be able to deal with it. She told us of her moment of weekness and how she survived, not by some great mniracle that happens in movies, but by just livin. Her Story is not a "happily ever after" story, nor is it a depressing one, but one of regular person like u or me.
Mind in all this I was Laughing my head off, how she pulled that of I don't know.
But at the end of this show I had give Whoopi (However her name is spelt :P) Her props, it was `a show for the ages.

Gots to run posting again later. See Ya

Friday, April 22, 2005

Thought Ide share

Ok Guys A freind of mine has posted a blog about the CCJ, now this is a hot topic for me, and as such as I plan to post a comment there, as well as entering my view here, Before I can do so I have to get my facts straight. Now while looking at the main site: CCJ Web Site I came a cross a Q&A section that I had to share. It goes as follows:

Q. But is it not reasonable to assume that the Judges of the Privy Council being removed from the social environment are likely to be more dispassionate in interpreting and applying the law?
A. Yes! And herein lies the problem! Law is not a static corpus of abstract normative principles to be applied mechanistically in order to arrive at objectively valid solutions to resolve problems of human intercourse. Law is the normative outcome of the cut and thrust of human interactions based on collectively determined or generally accepted social values and subject to a process of continuing adjustment to its environment of control. Consequently, persons interpreting and applying the law should be attuned to the relevant dynamics of social interaction, which determine the quality and intensity of human intercourse, and the values conditioning such dynamics. And by this is meant the values that make us cry; the values that make us laugh; the values that make us happy or sad; the values that make us responsible, productive, creative, caring, proud people. In short, the values that condition our uniqueness as a people. In the premises, to be far removed from the immediate environment of social interaction to which the law applies would facilitate a dispassionate analysis of human events and judicially objective decisions but only to the detriment of desirable social behaviour and social cohesion.

Now I found this intrestring simpley because, for 2 years of my time at UWI i was a member of the Debating society, and without a doubt every discussion we had had to touch the CCJ, so at the time I knew quite a bit and and had argued both sides more times than I could count (Dont remember anything now). After reading this Article I was impressed by the phrazing this person has used, I would give extcra marks for that, simply because this is (pardon the language) BS at its finest, remember this is an official site yet this entire response is strictly his opinion on how a justice system should work. Yet the way he answers it you would actually believe that this was a fact and not a view. Mind you I agree with the view to an extent and you might too, but it its still an opinion being stated as fact. This guy must have been a class A debater.
In any case this is not my post re the Issue, that will come at a later date.
Till tghen, See Ya!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Idle Chatter

(u godda spell properly I dont Godda :P)

This blog is strickly to help me stay awake, and as such it is purly really Idle chatter.

Topic Number 1: Yesterdays Discussion

Yesterday while doing my laundry I met upon this freind of mine who has been terminally single. He is a cool guy but there are times when I wonder if he is totally collected upstairs, and He appairs too pre-occupide with the term "Adam and Eve". Alot of my female freinds who know him avoid him, especially at sessions, he gets too intense at times :S. In any case He asked me 'how the Women were'(ie how was my personal Life), I told him Right now I livin the life of a monk, at which he replied "Me too", thinking he had found a kindred spirit. He then went on to discuss how God has a woman in store for every man to which I replied that some men are meant to be alone (I was in that frame of mind, and I was refering to myself not him). At which point he went of in a tirade trying to council me based of hs assumptions were as to the reason for my statement, Me reply was that Jesus pulled it off quite well, at which point he surprised me. Apparantly he is of the belief that Jesus was haveing a grand Time with Mary magnelene (or however her name is spelled), this made no sense to me as I thought he was pretty orthodox as christians go, if not just a little to pre-occupied with the opposite sex. I pointed out to him that I doubted that Jesus would have done anything of the sort without being married, to which his reply was "that begs the Question what is marriage". HA! so here is this orthodox guy who clearly had some not so orthodox views, I mean, I'm a bit onorthodox myself but this guy is really pushing the envelope. Mind You I'me not knocking His beliefs (or rather what I see as his self justifications) i would not, but the whole sex before maraigge thing is so ingraind in christian teachings that it is hard to see someone believing otherwise without haveing some concrete grounding to base his theory on. And believe me after a few more minutes of arguing I realized he had none. Another intresting topic of mine is Male female interactions, But My meeting is about to start so I'll chat later. See Ya!!!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Me and My Job

Greetings (No! no spell check right ere rasta).

This week sees the start of 3 major projects simultaneously, can I tell you, not pretty. Added to the fact that I have resposibities for Pan Lyme which is just around the corner I'm beginning to feel a bit stressed. The difference is however, as stressed as I am, I feel guilty complaining about it. Why? Simple because I am having fun, Dont know how to explain it. There are times I want to tear my hair out, but I know I would feel worse if I had nothing to. I enjoy the added responsibilty.
To show you how bad it is, there was a 4th project that came up Friday, and I was asking my boss if I was gonna be assigned to it, and he said no cause my plate was full. Would you believe I actually felt Dissapointed :S (I'm Loosing it). Now dont get me wrong I am not a workaholic and I'me as Lazy as the next Guy, I only do stuff I feel like doing or have vibes to do, as it turns out I love my job and I love pan, so I usually have vibes to do stuff for both. Lucky me :D.
As with anything there is a down side. With this excess work load My reliability has fallen, simpley put, if it has nothing to do with Pna Or work, it may get left behind :S. I have had to be doing alot of apologizing the last couople of days. To remedy this I figure I'll just not make any commitments I dont have to. This aproach might not go down well with some but, its Iether I tell u I cant do it, Or a say i can and it never gets done. I like the former better. Any way, enough of this talk. I gotto to get bak to work so see you guys later.

Adios Amigos!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

In The News

Normally I would start this blog as with any other but by now you all should realize that my spelling is horrible and as such, just try to follow as best you can.

International News:
Ok guys 2 issues that have caught my attention the first being the current "Road March to peace".In My view, the Isreali prime minister has shown himself to be a man who is confident and determined in his stance and has vision and he has no problems with with killing as many Palistinians as is necessary to get his point accross. In the initial stages of his term in office I was hard pressed to find the difference between him and the Terrorists he claimed to be killing. Today he's on Bush's ranch in the United States Discussing the Road march to peace. Yesterday Bush came out saying that; the isrealis need to relinquish some settlements, Sharons Response today was (paraphrasing);" They (the US) disagreed when we first put them up and they still disagree and Just like then I will tell you now 'Talk to the hand'. Of course he was a bit more diplolmatic about it but it boiled down to the same thing. But time will Tell.

The Second issue is a burning one and I am rather upset about. To start of the greatest question to ask is; "Is the UN still relevant today?" Now I will tell you, before the invasion into Iraq we were quite comfortably dillusioned that The UN had a use a purpose and could protect us in its own way, after Iraq, this is no longer the case. The UNs power resides in the goodwill and decency of the worlds Super Powers to respect it. As a result when a, , a person selected by the majority of the voters in a country who should be a rational, well thinking, sensible, & diplomatic induvidual is little or none of the above and goes of on rampages totally undermining the UN and alliances it has in the International Community then, we must realize that the UN may have outlived its cause. Dont get me wrong I do not wish for it to go.
Now after the Iraqi debacle you would think this induvidual would realize that he needs to be freindlier with International community but NOOOOOOOO. He, the genious that he is, has nominated for the position for UN ambassidor, someone who has a track record that indecates he has no idea/Clue what the word Diplomacy means. If that is not the ultimate slap in the face I dont know what is. To make matters worse, this Imbicille is talking of UN reform. Do you know what that means. Let me Translate it for you; This means LET US REMAKE THE UN IN OUR OWN IMAGE TO BE A CLEAR AND DEFINATE LACKY THE DOES OUR BECK AND CALL WITH OUT US HAVING TO PRETEND AT DIPLOMACY. Am I bitter? Noooooo!!!!!!!!!! not at all.
Who I feel sorry for is the Mr. Anon who has been treated like FEACAL MATTER by the US, who even went as far as trying to get charges against him when He made it clair in no uncertain terms that the US had no respect for anyone but itself. But Nuff said, The final straw that made me really Like this most anal of dictators err I mean Wonderful of Democratic Presidents, was when he wanted all his armed forces to be immune from the Internation war crimes tribunal......... {to p----d to type}. I think I will stop here.
I will say though that after looking at this I realize why he won the election again. He has made it clare that he lives by the words of biggie small who said:

"&*#% the World Dont ask Me For @#$%"

I will end the blog here and cool of. See you guys later.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

New Start

Ok Guys I have deleted quite a few of my blogs and have started anew. The past 8 months have been quite intresting but its time for the blog go be put bak to its original use. Idling :D
so see you at my next blog