Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kingston Trip

I did My first Solo Trip To Kingston, I will tell you this If you really want to let your car go, Sunday is the best day to travel, not that I was speeding or anything...... I was just saying that IF u wanted to.... Because I i don’t REALLY want to..... So I wouldn’t REALLY know........cause I’m just speaking Hypothetically

There was much more to speak about the trip but, I've forgotten most of it. I have learned that Redbull is the best driving partner I ever had.......... Not that I was really tired at any point in the journey........... because I was fine....... really..... But hypothetically speaking if you did get tired, Red Bull works (y)....... well for me at least...... errrr. Hypothetically speaking

Taxi drivers are the same no matter where in Jamaica you go, Nuff said........ Woooooooosssssaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

OH Rasta! almost forgot
a most intresting incident.......
Picture this: U are at an atm in a Super market in Mobay and a police car pulls up just out of site of the entrance (however because of your angle you see exactly what’s happening while most ppl inside don’t) three plain closed police men jump out of the car with guns drawn and run up to the side of the super market, It looks like its strait out of a movie, the one peeking around the corner to see inside is asked by his partner 'yu si im?'.

Now Your Options are:

1. Wait and see what happens
2. Freeze
3. Calmly Cancel all transactions and leave

All I'll say is I bought my phone card and redbull in Ochi.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Cars are expensive to own.


Ok Against My better judgment I have started to go the Socacize event at mass camp.
Needless to say night after night I am reminded that I am Seriously out of shape, with no sign of improvement.

In any case this blog is not about the 4 Sadist ladies (lead By Peppa) that run us poor innocent civilians into the ground twice a week, No this blog is about yesterdays session.

I must begin by saying that Oscar B is a seemingly innocent fun loving man, He has a beer belly and is not very young, one would assume that he was just at mass camp for fun of it, So when the she-devi.... err I mean our wonderful instructor Peppa called oscar B to stage, I thought; this will be quick.
I perked myself up and began to follow his instructions. Immediately I realized he had upped the tempo Considerabley and I was panting heaving after a few Seconds, But, I thought to myself; He’s a fat old man there is NOOOO way he could keep this up.

It Didn’t take too long for me to realize this man was more than meets the eye, I was drenched when he was still just warming up. The it dawned on me.
People it is my sad duty for me to tell you Oscar B is a terrorist. The Man Is a sadistic and ruthless Dictator who works for the Taliban, I am convinced He is Asama's Right hand man.
There is NOOOOOO Other explanation for the shear cruelty and brutality of the pain he inflicted on the innocent unsuspecting victims (myself included) @ mass camp. A mass Murder took place last night, I barely survived, as it is, feeling is only just returning to my limbs. This man Must be stopped, before he strikes again.

By the way: One of these day I am, going to blog about Peppa, but I am certain that every man that sees her sees a woman who could crush him easily between her br... errr I mean Biceps easily.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More Equal than some

A really fascinating twist has occurred in the world’s political balance. As you all have no doubt heard, Hamas has won elections in Palestine. Now the world western Super powers are in arms, apparently 'Some people are more equal than others', or rather 'Some Democracies are more democratic than some'.

In any case one must realize the US sees hamas a threat to their interests in the Middle East and as such they will seek to protect it, and that is well within their rights. What I urks me though, is the fact that there seems to be no attempt to try a diplomatic approach,

Who’s the extremist now??????

In any case the Palestinian people have spoken, NO MORE US lackey’s, and I agree with them. I do not and will not support Terrorist acts, which is why I don’t support Bush, but just like I have to respect the Americans decision to elect a capitalistic terrorist, the world Should respect the Palestinians right to select a govt that has actually done much to help move the country Forward.