Thursday, January 25, 2007

My home town

This morning I heard the number of people murdered in Montego Bay since the start of the year has risen to 25.

I remember there was point where I use to think I didn't want to move to Kingston because it was way too violent. How long ago that seems.. now I fear going home . So sad , More than anything I want my parents to move, but the question is where? Where in Montego bay is safe? where in Jamaican is safe for that matter. (sigh)

You know the worse part in all of this.. in yesterdays news there was a report about a police man being killed and the first thought that came to mind was that he prob was a corrupt cop that got too greedy with the criminals that he was dealing with.... At what point did my impression of the police force get so low? :S

This the level at which my home town has reached... a point where I cant tell the criminals from the police? But what can one do?

The more I listen to the news of late the more I feel the need for the return of Adams... We are at a point where being a policeman means nothing... they can be attacked and killed like anybody else :S call me naive but I want a police force that criminals fear. I want to know that Police are near untouchable and that the consiquences for attacking them would be dire. Why do I want this you ask? Because I want to know at least that If I need to run to the police for protection then I will be protected... I mean I know they are currupt and that ppl like Adams are cold blooded murderers, but I want to know that my police force is capable of protecting themselves and by extension me....

I may be wrong, but at least in mobay we are fast approaching the point where we must fight fire power with fire power... I can't find it in me to have much remorse for these people... Everyday I hear news from Mobay my heart skips a beat as I wait to hear if i recognize any of the names they call... this is no way to live... no way to live at all....

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Rae said...

25... That's one person for every day... and that's only in one part of one parish! Anyone who believes Jamaica is not at war is kidding themself.