Sunday, October 28, 2007

GOOGLE the Anti-Christ?

Believe it or not people Google may be the next anti-Christ.
Having used and browsed the endless selection of features that seem to anticipate your every need before you even can begin to conceptualize being offered by the juggernaut of a company, it Dawned on me that Google may indeed be becoming too powerful... already the 'Google' has been accepted in a number of languages as a legitimate word.... almost automatically without thinking all of use use Google to search for items... slowly but surely more and more people are using and becoming addicted to Gmail and Gtalk and are realizing the never have to leave the Domain.....

The ultimate testimony to google's might came when i started to hear rumors about an OS...... yes ladies and gentlemen Google may be producing an Operating System.....

Already to take full control of all the information on the internet the only thing Google has left to acquire is WIKIPEDIA. Once that is done we are doomed as Google will become the supreme ruler of all that is internet.

But why? you may ask, why would Google become evil after all it has done for us.... ..

Because man is not meant to have such power. Never forget : "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"


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Leon said...

I totally agree. In fact, I published a similar post.