Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Who are we to pretend not to be savages?

In the debate regarding the death penalty I find those of us in support of such a move to exhibit a level of blood lust that is a bit disturbing...
Why is it so important to KILL another human being for a crime they did? How does that make us better than they are? Because we BELIEVE that we are justified?

I am amazed at others (and myself) every time i hear of the woman that killed her husband when she found out he molested their daughter... the sense Satisfaction we get from knowing "justice" was served shows that just beneath the surface we all hold a level of primal savagery that we keep under wraps under the premise of civilized behavior.....

The truth is we have only just given ourselves rules and guidelines to release our more primal urges. That's all society is:  an institution that sets rules and mores that allow us to "Constructively" channel the savage in us all......

Yet we would like to think we are better than the beasts of the field..... in a sense we are... and then again we are not.

Monday, November 17, 2008

BOSE fi mi money

No wen looking at a BOSE acoustic system.. on realises that the avg cost is 10 times that of other similar systems.. where as i agree it not worth 10 times the value... but it is worth at LEAST 8.

Trust me you will not regret it....


This has been my experience

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Provocative truth

Historians are the only true visionarie.

Who to talk to

I find myself reluctant to talk about the Obama victory with many ppl....... and i am not sure why...
I am happy he won but apprehensive about what it means....

I look around and it almost seems as if we are blinded by euphoria ... which i guess is an acceptable human reaction... but it just seems... so...... human.

There are those i cant wait to talk to about this... these people are more likely to talk about the implications of this in terms or real world changes.... Everyone else it seems are content to do somersaults and back flips as if we just won the lotto.... and maybe we did... I honestly think he is the best man for the job....

Those who harp on the fact that he is black man scare me.... I am glad the American public (at least the white Americans) have shown that they can look beyond race to elect the Best option they had. Power to them.

As for me, its a wait and see... I look at this and cant help but compare this to Bruce Golding (our own Prime Minister) Who i believe is the right man for the times... even though i think some members of his cabinet should go.

I think the world has spoken... its the dawn of a new age its time for a NEW leadership... but whenever i glance back at history I only seee our own tail.


Monday, October 06, 2008

Emotional slave

I know i have blogged about this before... (Slave to Our Emotions)... but ever since then I have been paying more attention to how the humans around me (as well as myself) behave...

The extent of or emotional handicap is more profound than i originally  thought. For a long time I believed that we were better than the other animals on the planet because of our ability to override our more basic primal instincts with logic... but the more i observe the more I realize that we do not...

Our emotional composition is complex, and we often override emotional responses with other emotions rather than a sense of logic.... In light of this it becomes clear that we are Driven by the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies Just like any other Dog, Crab, Fish, Spider, or Caterpillar.
Our greater brain capacity only allows us to do more interesting things with our more primal urges... even manipulate them a bit.

With this in mind the next question is; what is the next step in human evolution/enlightenment?

Is the final state of true sentience true 'emotionlessness'.... or are we doomed to forever persue the peace of irrevocable logic.. (as the Vulcans seem to persue)

I get the distinct feeling that 1000 years from now our decendants will think of us as no better than apes.. not very smart and very driven by or hormonal glands. It is very possible that "humans" of the future will have complete control of these reactions.. experiencing Joy, Love, Desire, Peace only when they choose to and regulating Hate, Envy and Greed to more constructive and manageable levels...

Oh how i envy them.

I have to stop here But I will continue trhis post at a later date.. looking at why todays society does not allow us to try to expand the use of our brains beyond the confining 10%

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tunnel Vision

To be a leader in almost any setting creates a need for the individual in such a post to have an idea of the 'bigger picture', at least as big as his/her portfolio requires. As such, those who report to the leader have the luxury of having 'tunnel vision'. Focus and fight for that which falls under your domain, let the leader deal with the others.

I have often thought that i was an exception. Whenever on a committee i often tried to see the 'big picture' and adjust my demands as a result. Many times i have watched my fellow workers/committee members stubbornly demand more from the leader in a situation that, at least to me, was not possible. Could they not see that there was only so much resources to go around for all of us?

It occurred to me today however that people are not retarded or simply recalcitrant... Taking a Quote from Orson Scott Card: "Never assume your enemy is stupid". They too can see the scarcity of resources.. but the allocation of it is the job of the leader.... it is their job to get whats best for their portfolio.
In light of this, is it i who am being hebetudinous for not being bull headed? Is it the way the world works... to turn a blind eye to anything beyond you scope of responsibility?

I think not, I think My method is correct to a point... the next step, that i have yet to take, is to use the big picture to my advantage... a bit of situational manipulation if you will.

So here's to learning about about humans, their nature and the modes in which they operate... May i learn to better integrate and a thrive in their midst.

Monday, September 08, 2008


The NFL season has resumed and as such I now have a reason to watch ESPN again...

I know its not much coming from someone who watches cricket.. but i can't help but feel like baseball is one of the more boring games played professionally today.

In any case, on day 1 of the 08-09 NFL season
a huge blow was dealt to the team that i am routing for this year..... Brady (quarter back of the Patriots) is injured...
Now dont get me wrong,
I still think they'll reach the super bowl... their team is that perfect... I just want Brady to be there....

After the debacle last year when the underdog Giants beat them in the finals, it is a matter of pride and honour that he comes back with the same team and brutally and ruthless annihilate all opposition who dare to think that mere mortals can compete against perfection.....

I will admit I was not a big fan of the patriots last year
but when a mediocre team beats one of the GREATEST football teams of all times I take personal offense.....

I hope that when the giants meet the patriots again
the brutality of the defeat will send Giant fans home crying......
so that they know that while Prometheus did steal the flame, Zeus still holds the lightening.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Firefox to the rescue

Scribe Fire (a firefox pluggin) has somehow bypassed my Employer's proxy, thus allowing me to post at will


Once again I have been unleashed upon the world.........
(cue darth vader theme song here)