Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's geting hot in here

Ok, so from the first day the deal was mentioned I knew the Miami heats would be a tuff team to beat. And although their performance last year was not what i would call "awe inspiring", I knew that they would only get better.
However, i was just watching the highlights of the all star game when i heard the words; "Dwayne Wade to Lebron James". I'm late, I know. but WOW!

The lethality of this combination can only be rivaled by what happened when the three headed Celtic monster was born (Pierce, Garnett and Allen). I mean...How can David Stern sit by and watch such balefully pernicious creations be made?

Finally, the destructive and sheer bloodthirsty nature of what the heats have done have sunk in. I mean, I know that there are other three headed monsters out there, but they are mostly old. This is the most athletic killing machine... er i mean team, out there right now. It is truly a scary sight to behold.

I know the celtics will try, but they ain't young no mo. The bulls have the greatest potential and we will see what will happen... next year. The knicks... sigh, they are linsational, but the heats just took them to basic school.

No my friends, I think it already written on the wall, the heats are going to the finals. The only question is, who from the west will be there to greet them.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gym Woes

Since October of last year I have been going to the Gym relatively regularly, and since January 16 of this year I have been doing a workout schedule that has been giving me some results.... the only problem is it does not show.

The scary thing is that this bothers me. I am running way faster and further not to mention pushing more weights than ever before... but with my increased strength comes increased vanity.
I mean, really?

I am the guy who could not care less what he wore anywhere. Now don't get me wrong i have not turned "dapper" over night, but i now actually think about what to wear :S... what the...!?

That aside, it is amazing how annoyed i am at my lack of muscular definition.When did Mark Hylton start caring about stuff like that :S. Its gotten the point where i realize that i need to change my workout regime again and i am going to add more cardio workouts for at least the next 2 months.

Please understand this... I HATE CARDIO WORKOUTS, and I am doing this just so that i will LOOK the way i want to!?


PS. wish me luck ;)

Friday, February 17, 2012


I am currently suffering from blogger's atrophy.
There a number of small ideas that are flitting about in my head, but I can't seem to be able to pin any down to get a proper post out of and I blame Micro blogging.

Although I have a twitter account (@jussoncypher) i really don't use it much. My real guilty micro blogging pleasure was BUZZ.
The thing is, when i go to work the first thing I log into is my gmail account, and Google, the geniuses they are/were, put Buzz right there... I mean Right in front of me!... what did they think was gonna happen!?

It was easy to access cocaine, just a click away and a post is off. Forget thinking through and organizing your thoughts, as it pops into your head, pop it on a page. As a result, my desire and ability to write a full post withered and almost died.
But then! the unthinkable happened. Google killed Buzz (*tear*). I mean i have nothing against Google plus, but i treat it like i treat facebook... i only go on it once in a very blue moon.

As a result my easy to use outlet for my intellectual fecal matter was lost and here i am... back to where i started trying to relearn how to use muscles that i had left languishing.


Song Of the Month

Back in the day of BUZZ i used to occasionally select a song of the month. This months song looks like its gonna be "Titanium" by David Guetta ft. Sia

Monday, February 13, 2012

Intellectual Swagger

Last week i had the opportunity to watch TVJ's school challenge quiz.
This is one of the longest running television programs in Jamaica that pits high schools against each other in test of quick thinking and knowledge.

The match was Spanish Town High vs Manchester High. To be honest Spanish town was not bad, and against a newer non traditional  high school they might have done very well. But Manchester was packin.
Up until the middle of the second segment Spanish town was holding its own but in the final minutes Manchester asserted there dominance. By the time we got to the final round Spanish town crumpled under the weight of their own self doubt.

The truth is they were good enough to put up a good fight, but you saw when they lost faith. They knew the answers but they let the intellectual swagger of the Manchester team intimidate them. In some ways it was sad to watch, had they just kept believing they might have pulled an upset but the almost militant focus exhibited by the Manchester team as they systematically attacked each question was too much for them.

It is this display of mental fortitude and focus I call intellectual swagger.

Friday, February 10, 2012

It has taken me this long to get over yet another defeat. I don't even have anything to say.
Just; We''ll be back. 

Friday, February 03, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI

  This year's super bowl is going to be between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. I am going to be cheering for the Patriots, not because I think they are the better team, (which i do) and not because I am a fan of the Patriots (which I am). No, none of these things hold much water to me. The real issue here is a desire, a need, for cold, malicious and malevolent vengeance.

All this started in 2008 when the egregiously flaccid Giants, who shouldn't even have made it to the playoffs, dashed the patriot's chance to have the perfect season. Oh how it rankled me to the very core to see this half baked excuse for an NFL finalist end the hope and dreams of a team I considered the be epitome of NFL perfection.


It still hurts to this day, 4 years later.

It is with this in mine that I do not just want the Patriots to win. Noooo!
I want the land to be purged of any trace of self worth or respect that the Giants may have. I want at the end of this game for the International Court of justice to send out a warrant for the arrest of the entire Patriots team. I want for every human right to which the Giants are entitled to be systematically and irrevocably violated... with extreme prejudice. I want to see men sobbing at the loss of their manhood and dignity.

I want Superbowl XLVI on Sunday February 5, 2012 to go down in INFAMY!


signed: still bitter