Tuesday, February 20, 2007

War on Iran?

The Big question on allot of peoples lips now-a-days, is whether or not the US is going to bomb IRAN if it does not comply with its demands to halt its Nuclear development plans.

I am of 2 minds on this matter... I am (as i have indicated in previous blogs) DISGUSTED with Bush's FTWDAMFS policy

(FTWDAMFS -> "F*** The World Dont Ask Me For Sh*t")

As a result, his 'macho' posturing on this issue has me feeling that a war with Iran is inevitable....
In spite of this, to think that Iran is ONLY gonna use its nuclear plants for producing power would be behaving like a very naive school girl..... Iran is a Muslim state... home to many extremists.. the Govt might not plan to start a war... but the extremists do and I don't think the govt can, or even wants to, Stop them.

So the question then becomes, What do we do? neither side is strong enough to totally annihilate the other.. Albeit America can do considerably more damage... Iran's retaliation, I expect, would be a even greater support for radicals and extremists.... something that would not bode well for US citizens anywhere in the world......

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