Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Today I was reminded that

"Some Things Change, and Some things never do."

NBA trade Update

Ok let me get this straight
I have a coach and a team that has led me to 2 consecutive championships and I am gonna get rid of the coach ?
What the..........!

It seems that The Pistons have Releaved Coach Larry Brown of his Duties and are currently searching for a new Coach.

For those of you who do not follow NBA this means that next year the Miami Heats will Win the NBA, barring of course there are no serious Injuries. In any case just remember you heard me say it first.

The good news is that he is moving to New York. I use to be a Die hard Nicks fan, but against all odds they have managed to kill my enthusiasm for the team.
Hopefully Larry will be able to wip the team into shape. Mind you I expect Mauberry to pose a problem, as Larry Brown works best with a "Team", not a "superstar and his Support Cast". In any case, once again I think I can proudly Declare that I am a Nicks fan, so for this coming season, even though my head tells me that the Heats will win, I will be cheering and routing for my original favourite team.


A Jedi Update

Once again Ripples are being felt in the IT Force as the Jedi Master Known to us as "Steve Jobs" once again plans to make an announcement. Speculations have run rampant throughout the Galaxy as all await what one of this Era's greatest warriors have to say.
I too wait patiently.

The Force Be with You.

Monday, August 29, 2005


It sometimes smarts when people treat you the same way you treat them.

Is He........?

A very intresting Question from a troubled young man, how do you answer?

Am I

The only one who recognizes the dangers involved, The cons that associate itself with such a venture. Yes I am Human and have desires and yes I yield to some of them, but Am I the only one who sees beyond that point to see where things could go.


Is It I am too self absorbed, too obsessed with my own gratification, Is it that I fear committing my self to such an institution. Is this selfish of me?


I have been told when in doubt, don't and in this case the repercussions can tear the Soul.


To live by this creed one must abstain and refrain.


It is so hard.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Babling again

I have forgotten What it was I wanted to write about. Much has happened since last I wrote, most notice-able, of course, was the concert. However I dont think I am gonna spoil the memories by trying to describe the show, lets just say it was HYPE!!!!

I must mention a serious problem I see coming upon us. Pan needs a musical director, there is no 2 ways about it. Our music will suffer if we dont have one, especially if we are goin to take on new members. There is much more I could say on the matter but thats gonna step on toes I dont mean to to step on, suffice it to say, Panoridim will "fall off" if we do not not have musical leadership, but what to do?

A more soberiung issue is the fact that many people will be taking a 'backseat' in panoridim, Now I have blogged about this before so you all no how much this really saddens me. It is hard for me to see anybody in pan leave, but I Understand, but it still hurts. Some day I too will 'take a backseat' but until then..................

Oh! BIG UP to Mario, I know we did Big ups to Rory who mashed up the place after some shakey points during preps,Big ups to Leo as well, Dis yout is talented, no matter wat u want to say. Of course MUNDO Big ups to Damion and Anthony cause we done know that they are the reeeealll shizzle, True Veterans.
Mario came into the band and a point when we desperately needed a drummer and we chucked him off on the deep end and told him to swim with the sharks. And boy did he swim. This fellow has done huge amount of work for pan with a smile on his faced as we pressured him constantly everynight, not even to mention the cussinss from Q :D. Trust me I am impressed and greatful, Bless, My yout. Mr. 'Summer Body For The Ladies' :D

I realize that I have no Idea what people think of me honestly. THe other day I found out that one of my closest freinds thinks of me as a hipocrite, that I pretend to be what I am not. I was at first hurt by this, but then saddened, because such is not the case. I am who you see, there are other aspects of my personality I might choose not to show you. But everything u see is trully apart of who i am. But then we all know that everyone is more than meets the eye, dont we?
In any case I am now on a drive to find out what people think are the negatives to my character. I think I am stubborn enough not to let it phaze me, but It would help to see what aspects of myself that I dont recognize that 'Urk peopple'. I will say now, however, that those of you who think I spend way too much time "chatting other peoples business" I will disregard because I dont. If you look bak at each time I have been accused of scandalizing anyone, u will see I have only asked Questions, I dont chat peoples business, people chat their own business, and added to that if you tell me something in confidence then rest assured it will not be repeated. And again i say, I did not deserve the Sus master award for with the Likes Of BB, Kelly, THinkBass and not to mention B, there is NO way I compare even to remotely to them.

Ok, My time is up see Till next time Remember: BALANCE

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Israel's Deal

I just read an article on how the Americans reached an agreement with Israel to stop them from selling weapons to China.
Now if my memory of world affairs is correct then I am sure that allmost all of Israels Weapons are provided or funded by the US.
Now I find this quite hillarious.
Look at it this way, I sell you weapons to defend yourself and fund your army and you sell bak these weapons to my biggest millitary threat. TUFFF!! :D
Trust me, my ratings for the Jews went up a couple of notches, the tuffest part is how they settled the deal. Had it been any third world country, America would have threatened to cut aid to that country,and that would be the end of that. But Noooo not the Jews, in fact not only did america not threaten to cut aid, but they agreed to pay for Isreals Withdrawal from the Gaza strip.
Now thats how stuff are suppose to get done.

Of course we know that such levels of ahms house is not unique to the Jews.
In fact one of the greatest example came from America when the sold Weapons to both Sides of the Iraq - Iran War (shakes head).
Another of my favorite examples of course is from or little mad Korean Dictator who declared that he was making Nuclear weapons an would not stop until America gave him Aid, Now that is Tuff, its always nice to see when the US get B*tch slapped and they have to suck it up :D
In any case that same story goes on even further, the Korean guy only admitted to creating Plutonium, however America is insisting that He still is Developing weapons grade Uraniun, Needless to say he claims to have no idea about what they are talking about and refuses to let the US in to inspect anything, :D (SLAP!!)
Of course you might ask yourself why doesnt america invade then, well other than the fact that the mad guy has a large army, America never really forgot the "Forgotten War", when they tried to invade Korea before and had their Asses handed to them Diced up in to Bite size peices on a silver platter. Trust me it wasnt pretty.

In any case,. all these stories of international intregue just goes to show that life isnt fair, and while the world Super poweres play "Who has bigger Balls", we, the common folk, are the onoes that really suffer.

Question of the day: Should The US leave Iraq Now, and do you think the Terrorists their are fighting for the right reasons?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wizards Rules

As most people know, my online name the Seeker comes fron a series of books written by Terry Goodkind, called the Sword of Truth series. Now in each book there is a Wizard rule that the Hero, Richard Cypher who is the "Seeker of truth", Learns, usualy the hard way.
The rules he has learned thus far are:-

Wizards 1st rule: People are stupid. They will believe anything they want to be true or fear to be true.

Wizards second Rule: The greatest harm can result from the best intentions.

Wizards 3rd Rule: Passion rules reason.

Wizards 4th Rule: There is magic in forgiveness -the magic to heal! In the forgiveness you grant, and more so in the forgiveness you receive.

Wizards 5th Rule: Mind what people do, not only what they say, for deeds will betray a lie.

Wizards 6th Rule: The only sovereign you can allow to rule you is reason.

Wizards 7th Rule: Life is the future, not the past

Wizards 8th Rule: Deserve victory.

Wizards 9th Rule: Contradictions don't exist, in whole or in part.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Idling again

Warning, in addition to bad Grammer and Horrible spelling, this blog was trully just me venting, as such, it is incoherent and it mianders all over the place, It will be removed soon so dont worry.

Its concert time at pan and Project Time at work, both of which require alot of effort. I have become increassingly private and alot less jovial around people I know. But dispite all this I cant complain.

Things at work are piling up on us, yet My boss is extremely understanding
and days that I have to leave he allows me to. Pan is gettting to crunch time, my playing has improved drastically, all i have to work opn now is maintaining my concentration and some other "niggling" runs that still bother me.
In both cases, if I had the time to devote to Iether exclusively then all would be well, but such is not the case.
As such I do what I can, put in extra effort where I can.

Last night, however, there was a meeting about the progress we were making for the concert, and at the end of it I felt extremely guilty. How many Sundays have passed when I could go to the panyard and I have just stayed at home and chilled :S.
I have not practiced what I preach.

The thing is, I believe, a concert is a concert is a concert, IE whatever it takes to get it done, should be done, and I have not done so. They have spoken about the attitude of the band, but I find myself being the culprit in my own section, where all others have made and continue to make that extra effort to get their songs up to standard.

Last night after practice I was speaking to BB, and I was shocked(ish), by his sacrifice, and I it re-confirmed that I cant complain about my situation, and the intresting part is that no matter where I go, wether I stay extra late at work, or run practice till 2am, I will have fun. I have been fortunate to have only have 2 major resposibilities on my plate.

- I have no church that I am a member of, or have any responsibility to (dont plan to change that, but that is for another blog)
- And I dont have anybody at my yard to cuss about me staying late and spending too much time at Pan or work (see going Monk serves a purpose ;))

Ah well, the by product of this of course is a problem I have allways had, especially since final year. I have no one I feel totaly comfortable with voicing any (trivial as they may seem in comprarison) of my complaints with (well there are a few people).
I mean, I am greateful for all that I havre been given, I have been tremendously blessed, and as stressfull as this situation is, I get every morning feeling alive and ready and eager to get to work or pan, whichever comes first. But say on a day I dont feel that chirpy, I am sometimes hard pressed to find someone O dont feel guilty complaining to :S.
I find myself goin bak to how I was before, talk less, listen more, and If i dont feel like listening, I'll just avoid you. the problem with that, is that it can be interpreted the wrong way.

Fortunately for me, there is always prayer. Last night was a perfect example. While the small side was practicing, I was not feeling very jovial, I was thinking about problems at work, and I looked around, and every body had a bigger problem than I had, so I decided to take a walk,and for some reason I felt like praying, so I did. There is a song I lov "it amazing what praises can do", and believe me its true (y).
By the time I was through, I was bak to feeling greate(ish), and went bak inside.


U know God is good, here it is I am typing about someone to talk to and I end up writing an example where I spoke to him and I felt better LOL.
God has a sense of humer, Good one G.

Ok I have to go, got work to do, so Ill talk some more later.
Prayer works.

Question of the day:
It is said 'To whom much is given much is expected', but how does one give bak?

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I just visited an intresting Blog and read a post that has left me greately saddened. Reminded me life isnt fair sometimes and bad things happen, but then, u look at it and you have to admire the strength of the human spirit.

No further comments forthcomming.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

u know its bad when....

When it gets to the point where Concert Practice is stress releaf for work, it deffinately time to take a vacation.

You begin to understand why people smoke, and begin to feel the need for one yourself.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Why Monk?

It is easier to evade than tackle, yet what lies on this path I do not know.
Blind choices are always dangerous.


I think Q has been asked before, but I cant remember what was said.

Do you believe that males and females can have a trully platonic Relationship, where there is never any Sexual tension between the 2.

My answer is yes and no,Purly Platonic relationships are possible, but at some point the sexual/Romantic element must cross the mind of one or both parties, think about it, u are only freinds with people you like. the Question is what happens at the moment the thought crosses your mind.