Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So another NFL season has begun and i find myself in shock as in the opening game tew Ravens totalkly and utterly Innihalated the steelers. As some of you may know, though i may like the Ravens i am originally a steelers fan... so needless to say that first game Hurt. But then it can be expected. It is rare for the steelers to reach the playoffs the year after they have reached the super bowl, i guess they have to recover, American football can be a ruff sport. In any case this post is about my favourite teams in the NFL so hear goes:

Real "smash mouth", "in your face", "take no prosoners" team. Always know for there brutal and unforgiven defense and there willing nuss to run the ball down your through and out your ass, the Gunsling areal display that Big ben brings toi the team makes it one of the most versitile and Tuff teams the leage has ever produced.

For years Ray Lewis and the rest of

Dynamic Views

Ok guys, I know in my last post I was raving about how blogspot's new interface was the sh*t. but I spoke too soon.

With the new addition of Dynamic Views, blogspot has made there previous update look like a mild fart.
Let me just say Dynamic Views are not only "the sh*t", they are the COLOSSAL SH*T... I mean best blog experience ever... and I say that without apology.

Friday, September 23, 2011


This is my first time on Blogspot's new interface. Let me Say; I LOVE IT! IT MAAWD!!!!!!!

Its clean, simple and organized, it actually makes me want to post.
Well done Google.