Sunday, May 29, 2005

Theme Song

Ok guys, a few years ago I had started to pick out theme songs for my freinds; ie songs I thought came closest to describing them. Needless to say each person had many songs simple because we all have many dimensions. My Question is, if you had to pick you own theme song, or songs, what would it be? This should be quite interesting to see. If possible put excerpts of the song you think relates to you the most.

For Me the first ones that come to mind right now are;

Its easy not to by Alanis
I Wont Worry about Life Always By unknown


The Following Post is a part of my view of male-female relations, particularly as it relates to me and this current stage in my life.

The past too weeks have seen events take place in my life in which I Question (as always) wether or not it is really that much better for people to be married as opposed to being single? I am sure that I have mentioned that I have believed for many years that a marraige is best freinds who get to have sex, as a result if you illiminate the need for sex (which is no small feat) one may find that marriage is no longer necessary (but then I am a guy). I have often believed that such a state of being was not suitable for me. Last year, however I met an old man at a gass station who told me that his biggest regret in life was that he never got married. He said because of his work, he never had time for women and as a result, now that he is old and has nothing, he also finds that he has no-one. Needless to say this scared me quite a bit, cause I saw myself falling into the same trap that he is now in, in terms of relationships. Still I wish to maintain my course, and so the question is, can one be happy alone? IE When retirement roles around, is being married that much better?

To Be Continued..........

Monday, May 16, 2005

Lyme Thoughts

I'm pressed for time so I cant bother to use spell check :P.

This year was my 4th lyme and the first time I have ever been on its commitee, and believe it was a learning experience and quite stressful at times, Cant say I did a good job, or that it was pulled without a hitch, but all in all we survived the weekend. Here I have to stop and Repeat My big up (Big up posted on Pan Forum)to The real planners of this Lyme, the Guys who really Put this show together; Le Anne and Aleiya. Believe me guys the real creativity and Sweat pured into this Lyme came from them.
Le-Anne, often accused of being Crazy (She is by the way) , Is crazy for a reason, she comes up with some really cool Ideas and concepts, usually along a certain theme but I wont elaborate, what has me forever endebted to her however is her ability to pick up on the little details. For someone who is one of the most forgetfull persons you'll ever meet, she sure knows how to deal with the loose ends. Believe I spent half the time shaking my head and saying that she was usefull to have around :D.
Aleiya,the cool, calm, collected, sarcastic and sharp Member of the team. The real Leader, the one who knew what to do at all times, Believe me if she wasn't there It would have fallen flat on its face long time. I am particularly greatful for working with her because, despite what she shows, deep down, deeep deeeep deeep deeep deeeep down She is a really sweet person :D (there I have ruined her rep, If I disssapear in the next 24 hrs tell the police to search
her back yard)
It was fun working with her. Her mind is maze of intresting twists and turns that spawn some of the most amazing Ideas ever produced by a human Being, Believe me guys, shes on another level.
In any case this lyme was pretty layed back with very few activities being done and still, There were points I wanted to scream (not at the beach guys, for those of u who thought something was wrong then). And you know the worst part is, I definately cant wait till next year to do it all over again :D. Believe me looking bak I saw where I want wrong and I cant wait to jump bak in to do all again, but right this time. Don't bother to say anything Hayden, the 'vision' is still with us.
This blog was not meant to talk about the Highlights of the Lyme, I'll leave that to the other bloggers. However I had to anounce the winners of the choice awards.

Mister GQ by overwhellming majority MB

Vogue Lady of the Year also By Majority Kim

Congenialty, by majority agian, was Katherine

The Ever Miserable award went to Deborah C

and Most unfairly and unjustly, by a cruelly wide margin the award for Suss Master went to Yours Truly. I must say in my defence I am just Missunderstood and that Bianca, Hayden, Aleiya, Kelly and Deborah C are far worse than I am. any way it late so I'll finish some other time till then, See ya.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

WHY WI WHY????????????????

A few seconds ago I saw the West Indies loose 2 wickets for 0 runs. I am hurt and disgusted, just when I was ready to say, yes maybe it was time to start watching cricket again, NOOOO!!!!! they had to ruin it for me. I now feel it the team though, because If I feel this way, can you imagine them. 4 RUNS FOR 4 Wickets OFF 6 BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We couldn't do that!!!!!!!

I will now watch the other 1 dayers because despite all that is going on in my mind right now (%$#@!@#$###$%$%$#$#@!!!!!!!!!!), what I saw today was what I missed the from the WI glory days, the nail biting finish, only that we usually won in the end. I must commend the batsmen in our team who have risen to the challenge before them, so much so that if we have to chase a target I will sit and watch. Our bowlers however have much to be desired. I'm Not knocking them, I doubt its a lack of effort, but something is missing.
Big Big Props to Chris Gayle, the Second WI batsman to silence me (the first being Lara) I use to question his use to the team, but in this tour he has proven himself to be an exceptional batsman who is living up to the potential the selectors saw in him. Well Done. Right now to me our Top batsmen are:

Chanderpaul, Sarwan and Gayle.

I deliberately left out Lara because, While I admit he is the one of, if not the best in the world, he fails to show the consistency of a underrated great like the current captain, who I would pick over a Lara. Yes Lara might give me 400, but Chanderpaul will give me at least 50.

So Till Next Blog Or Match, Farewell

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Return Of AMD

(sequel To 'Intel Strikes Back')

Heads Up Guys, I am using Mail-To-Blog so many of you will be pleased to hear that I will be using spell check. So if anything slips through blame Yahoo.

This morning I was reading about AMD's new Dual core processors. For those of you who don't know, its a new kind of Processor (a processor is the name that we give to a special chip in the computer called the CPU, Its what Dell is talking about when the say "Intel Pentium 4 inside"). Basically A dual core processor is 2 processors on 1 chip. Now Intel, after having to scramble when AMD released their 64 bit chip before they were even remotely ready, decided to go the route of optimizing their now outdated technology . They came with fake 64 it processors (they seem to operate like 64's but they aren't), and they came out with HT (Hyper Threading). The prob with HT is that most computers at home wont be stressed out enough for it to be a major factor, so don't worry about what it is. Seeing that the industry was still not very impressed, they announced that they will be coming out with "DUAL CORE PROCESSORS" (Dramatic Musical insert here) .
Wow! even I was impressed , and once again I feared for AMD's new found lead in the market.
Not to be outdone however,the great geniuses at AMD's labs (Who operate on a ridiculously smaller budget. Top make it clearer,Intel's research & Development Dept. budget is equivalent to AMD's profit for the year. Ya, a real David and Goliath scenario) announced their Dual core processors (POM POM POM!!!!), but Wait! not only that, they were going on the 64bit processors .
Ha!!!! can you imagine how depressed the Intel guys felt. Needless to say sometime last week benchmark tests were done and, as expected AMD TRASHED Intel in every, thats right, you heard me, EVERY benchmark, hehehe, GO AMD!!!
Unfortunately I will not be able to afford that processor for another 3 yrs as its starting cost is (Drum Roll) $1000us . Yes its the same cost as a high end computer or laptop. But still I love it when the David wins

Any way got work to do so see you guys later.

Quote Of the day: "Wizards 2nd Rule: Passion Rules Reason"

Friday, May 06, 2005


The Winner Of The BashmentBase Award for "Massacring the English Language".

This post deals with a trend I am seeing in pan lately.
Le-Ann rtecently posted about De-motivation and while replying I realized that there was so much to say I might as post it on my own blog.

It saddens me to see the fall of in the enthusiasm in pan. When I first came bak from Mobay very few had any vibes whatsoever, it hit another alltime low again right after Trinidad.
Right Now Alot of people are re-evaluating their priorities, It saddens me cause it means alot of good people may go and at the same time I understand, nobody's life is stagnant, I went through a similar thing when I decided to leave the Debating Society for pan so I see they are coming from. And to be honest in the months leading up to the last concert I was ready to move bak to mobay, I mean I would miss pan, but I thought it was time to move on. But on the last day of that last performance, it was such a thrill that I refound the passion I had for pan. The Next 6 months were painfull for me, I was stuck in mobay, I heard through the grapevine of the happenings in pan, and I was itching to com bak and be apart of it. You could not imagine my joy when I found out that JPS was going to post me bak in Kingston. And since then, I have thrown myself whole heartedly into pan (maybe not in the ways I should, Im not perfect). Some One once asked me when do I see myself leaving pan, and to be honest, I dont, Panoridim is apart of me. Because of this I am really saddened when people begin to loose the fever :S, but I understand. The face of panoridim is changing and I dont know what we are gonna look like in 5 years, and maybe by then I will decide that it is time to move on, we'll see. But To those who are thinking time is up and are re-evaluating your life, do not be afraid to try something different, to branch out into other things, If I didn't do that I would never have joined pan :). When its time, its just time.
I must make mention of a trend I have noticed and am now experienceing. When I first Joined pan Natalie, while cussing someone, made a comment "Some people have the luxury of just coming to pan and play". Believe me, I didn't appreciate it then but I see the light now, I kinda miss those days, but I am commited to pan and I will do anything I can. Honestly though, It takes alot of anergy sometimes. I made a comment to a freind that a sure way to kill vibes for pan is to join the exec :S. It isn't that bad and if you working with a cool group of people, like I do, then its pretty cool, but every once in a while I would miss being able to say, "Dont ask me".
Dont get me wrong I dont mind my stint as VC, and it is very important learning experiebnce for me, and I am glad I was given the chance.

Oops look at the time, I have a 10am Deadline have to run may continue later.
But like B says; Follow your Heart

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Idleing Incohrently about Debating

(see previous Posts for relevant statement........hint it has to do with spelling)

As usuall I start a blog with no clair Idea of what I wish to write about.

Debate Society
My stint in UWI debating society was an educating experience for me. I have always shunned leadership positions because I disliked the responsibilty, while there however it became clare that it was devided in 2 factions, and at the time (I think) I was one of the most promissing new debaters they had in terms of raw talent, (they still had tons of work to do to get me up to speed). at this point let me take the Time t big up 2 people.

Kevin Baker :-
The epitemy of debating this man is the perfect debater, I kid you not. His style is that of some one who takes his time to tear your argument logically, limb from limb. He isnt flashy, does not use diliberate jokes, but sound unbrakable blocks of logic that crush all in its path, there is no hope of survival against him. Whenever a match was called and he was participating, you could see defeat on the other teams face before the match even started, and with good reason, he was flawless. But Why I apreciate him is the fact that he introduced me to debating taking me from the spine on those nights as a fresher on taylor hall. At first it was just a chance to get away from the raggi... er I mean orientaion (There is no ragging on hall). He encoraged me, guided me and showed me a platform. Its hard to describe, I am not a public speeker, I am not a good rebutter, but I like to present an argument (a position called Prime Minister or Leader Of Opposition in or style of Debating). When you are given the moot 15 minutes before the debate and you prepare your arguments and all you have are a bunch of jottings on a piece of paper that looks like jibberish as your sweating hands smear the ink all over the page, U can barely hear the anythiung cause your knees are rattling too loud. The moment you touch the podium everything changes. You realize that in this style of debate you are the speaker of a house, you are here to show these people the obvious that U are right and they are wrong. I'll not say that I love the spotlight, but I felt at home behind a podium, to have people listen to your every word. This is world that he introduced me to. (No I have no intention to become pastor)

Like I said, they saw me with a lot of potential but It never came to much fuitation.
The second Person I want to mention was not as good as Kevin but was Great. It was when I saw Him Debate way bak in High school that I decided that I wanted to debate. He was flashy Arorgant and Commanding at the podium and he made everyone suck it up and Love it. I saw that and said I want to be able to that.

Stuart Rodney
Cornwall College Production, of course, this yout was the tuffest, when I first started to debate I tried alot to mimic his style, but trust me there can be only one Stuart. I remember when we went to USVI to debate in the intercolleget champoinships and the opsition speaker made a comment and he burst out "TO RAAATID!!" for all to hear, it was tuff, totally scandelous, but it was the right mode for the debate. Needless to say we won.

After a while I developed My own style, I use to worry because I got to the point where, Before I got up I would decide what kind of persona I wanted to present before I got to the Podium,I mean I would do a complete personality shift. At one point I caught my self and realize how bad it was. I remember in one debate the opposition came up with an argument that was Airtight And I knew to my stomach that we lost I could not think of anything to say and then the moderater started to announce that I was to go next, I remember thinking that Im gonna come out calm and dissintrested in the fiery speach that the oposition just put up. And I was Surprized just completely I was able to change my whole thinking of the situation, I kinda shocked myself (We didn't win) after that It was even more fun, it was like deciding what mask to put on when it was my turn to speak. It was hype. But like I said I was only confident at the podium before and After I was a reck.

bak to to the topic at hand, leadership. Well it became clare in my second year in the Society that The too factions somehow saw me as the next president and as such the politics started to filter down. I will tell you this I regret in a way that I had not allowed them to vote me in, but I knew then and know now I was not ready. The politics in the society was deeply intrenched in the school politics as we usually got huge huge sums from the school just because we were an academic-ish society that showed of the itellectual skill of the school internationaly. They were willing to fork out the big gucks for us. But with big bucks comes big politics and my level of maturity at the time would not allow me to survive that. At the time my only thought was that I was scared, They would have major arguments with the big wigs of the school and they never backed down unless they got a compramize we could work with, I knew I was too intimidated to do that. I think now that both factions were not worried about that cause they seemed sure thyey could 'advise me' as to what to do. In any case when It came to nominations they selected me, and told them the first lie I could think of :). I told them i might be dropping out of UWI. HA! it took awhile to convince them, but trust me nothing else would have worked. Needless to say they were terribley dissapointed in me. Ah well such is life.
But enough of this morbid stuff. I have code to write. In my next blog I write how I came to choose between pan and Debating.