Friday, October 05, 2012


So this year I have decided to join an office pool that runs amongst some of the business houses here in New Kingston.

The pool is essentially an weekly bet (no cash involved) on which teams teams will win.
So far I have been staying in the middle of the pack, but what I have found out is that this work.

Before this year I only watched and cared about the teams I liked. If I didn't like a team I could cheer against them. Now, however, that has to change... lately I find myself supporting teams that I despise simply because I had (logically) bet on them to win.. Outside of this, it new becomes imperative that I do research before each week. I have to know injury reports, team stats and rankings down to the last detail. Now, this is from a guy who a year ago didn't even know the names of all the teams.

In spite of this I can say it is fun (clearly I am not doing too bad). I am only 4 games behind the pool leader and I think as the season goes on I'll have a good chance to take him on.
So wish me luck.