Friday, March 23, 2007

April 11, Panfestival

Last night I tried my best to get a song I wanted played at a playout... and as much as i am disappointed that I didn’t end up having things my way.. I felt good at the end....
It felt good having and argument about Pan that resulted in some action being taken.... I have been in too many where the result has me depressed and wanting to play in another band.

In any case the list for th April 11th playout is not what I would call an Ideal list and the 1/2 hour limitation really sucks... But the songs selected.. (*not all the best we have to over) allows us to have fun with the music.. And have a Vibe.. A nice jam Session if you will.. cant complain. I am really excited about this playout and I hope we "wow" everyone there.

Kudos’ to D ,
Boy as much as we don’t agree at times you Nuff respect for continuing working with the band.... I can only imagine how hard it is.. I know we (ie the band) dont really take much time to really acknowledge how much u are doin for the band.

Nuff respek (y)

Sunday, March 11, 2007


This Thursday I actually got annoyed with the band. Here we were getting an excellent opportunity to play with the other bands in the Island... and we almost didn't take it... there was NO sense of urgency... NO drive... NO desire to find a way.. someway, to overcome whatever difficulties we faced to play at this event....

I don't know why but it hurt me.. and finally I begin to see why ppl leave..... I love to perform.. its a big part of why I stay in the band. Needless to say My mainstay is a concert... a concert makes everything I sacrifice for pan worthwhile (that and the summer lyme).

But i digress

That night was a stark reminder that not everyone has the same priorities and desires as I do..... thats just life and everyone has a right to live their own... Now i seriously wonder;
If i want to perform is Panoridim the place for me? I mean for concerts most definitely, but.... for the rest of the year?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Jamaicans do not distinguish between bi-sexual and being gay... in my head they are 2 different things...

To be gay I Believe you are only attracted to the same sex... to be 'Bi' U are just extremely open and freaky sexually.
Are these views incorrect?