Friday, October 05, 2012


So this year I have decided to join an office pool that runs amongst some of the business houses here in New Kingston.

The pool is essentially an weekly bet (no cash involved) on which teams teams will win.
So far I have been staying in the middle of the pack, but what I have found out is that this work.

Before this year I only watched and cared about the teams I liked. If I didn't like a team I could cheer against them. Now, however, that has to change... lately I find myself supporting teams that I despise simply because I had (logically) bet on them to win.. Outside of this, it new becomes imperative that I do research before each week. I have to know injury reports, team stats and rankings down to the last detail. Now, this is from a guy who a year ago didn't even know the names of all the teams.

In spite of this I can say it is fun (clearly I am not doing too bad). I am only 4 games behind the pool leader and I think as the season goes on I'll have a good chance to take him on.
So wish me luck.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Leadership: The Team

When put in a position of leadership I find I normally divide the team I have to work with into categories of weapons systems.
There are 5 categories of Team members one can have, these are:

The Dud

This type of team member, as the name suggests, serves no purpose other than to make up numbers. The can't reach a target without guidance and when the get there they will fail to accomplish their mission. Fortunately for me I have never had to work with any :D

The Gravity Bomb

This team member can get the Job done but needs to be micro managed. They are incapable of completing  the mission without you holding their hand. As bad as that is, they are still WAAAAAAAY better than a dud.

Lazer Guided Missile

This team member can accomplish the task at hand but you need to ensure that the instructions given are clear and understood. You may also have to periodically check on this individual to ensure they are on track. They are much easier to work with than the Dud or the Gravity bomb, but you still need to take time to explain and periodically supervise.

GPS Guided Missile

This is the best kind of teammate to have. All you have to do is tell them what you need done and they do it. No hand holding, no supervision, just results.

The Weapon System

This is the ultimate team member. This individual needs no instructions or supervision. They are capable of accomplishing most, if not all, of the needed tasks (including yours) and are willing to work in whatever capacity you need.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

This Years NBA season was Awesome but the 2 themes that will stay with me for the rest of my life is:

Make it count

Earned Not Given


Buying Jamaican

There is something to be said for the swell of pride one feels when cooking with provisions grown right here in Jamaica as opposed to the imported equivalent.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Average Points Per Game:
Career 27.6
This season 27.1
Playoffs 30.8

Assists Per game:
Career: 6.9
The Season: 6.2
Playoffs: 5.1

Rebounds Per game:
Career: 7.2
This Season: 7.9
Playoffs: 9.6

What more do you want!?

Let me make this clear; I am fan of Lebron James.
His sheer skill, genius, athleticism, prowess, unstoppable-ness... etc. etc. etc is an unbridled joy to watch. And yet with all this, his easy going nature and unselfish style of play has made him a unique type of basketball star.
In my mind, never before have we seen his like since the days of Magic Johnson.

Yes I said it! I compared Lebron James to Magic Johnson.

But it is simple, not since Magic has any player been able to play from anywhere on the court in any position offensively and defensively. Lebron is the quintessential basketball player.

And Yet! and yet, he is not given a break... ever. Now don't get me wrong the Hype around him from day one has been HUGE, but barring the elusive ring, if we are truly honest with ourselves he has lived up to the hype.

Immediately I know the Lebron Haters club are gonna point out his 4th quarter performances in the championship series he has played in.
I can't deny it, those were sub par. BUT i will say;
1) he is still one of the greatest players to ever grace a basketball court
2) just shut up and watch, you'll see


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Soca Season 2012 (a review) pt2

The Music


I know its been a while but I did promise in my previous post that I would be talking about the 2012 Soca  Music.

So without much ado or fanfare here I my awards:

The Song that I can't get tired of no matter how many times I hear it Award Goes to:

 BUCKET! Like I mentioned in my post, for some reason the song just MAAAAAAAAAAAD, there isn't much more I can say.

Soca Anthem of the year:

 Bacchanalist/Vybes Cyaa Done. These two Songs were on the same rhythm, and while neither won groovy monarch, there is no question that they truly expressed the vibe and sentiment of everyone who enjoyed this season.

Riddim of the Year:

Antilles Riddim. For those of you who somehow don't know, that is the rhythm that Bacchanalist and Vibse Cyaa done are on. For those songs alone, it deserved the title,. but the truth is every song I heard on it was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Run Song Of the Year:

Bottle Of Rum. This song has the line "Sober Overratted"... nuff said.

Trouble Song Of the year:

Precision wine. Everyone who has heard this song knows why it had to get this award. For those of you who have not heard it. Its the FIRST line in the first verse. Just 3 little words that unleash a world of ... fun.

Now I am over running the time i had given Myself to do this post So I have to cut it here. I will say again however that for me this is one of the best years for music since 2007 and that is saying ALLOT. Below are SOME of the other BIG TUNES this year.

I am Soca - Patrice Roberts & Kerwin Du Bois
Bless You - Bunji Garlin
Irregular - Bunji Garlin
Rave Out - Skinny Fabulous
On The avenue - Machel Montano
Gyal Wuk - Machel Montano
Pump Yuh Flag - Machel Montano
The People's Champion - Benji
Dusk Till Dawn - Shurwayne Winchester
Wine On It - Shurwayne Winchester
Pretty Gyal - Kes The Band
In Charge - Machel Montano
Mr Fete - Machel Montano

Ok Ok! I have to stop here but I could go on and on. 2012 was a good year and I ready for 2013.