Tuesday, April 24, 2007


A friend of mine, who lives in the states, asked me If I thought smoking weed was wrong... I immediately laughed and responded that I was Jamaican , Of course I don't!

After thinking about it thought I realize I was telling the truth.. I do believe It can be dangerous for some people and deadly if "seasoned". Outside of that, however, I have no problem with it...Personally I have not, and I dont think I would.
I realized;
1. where I grew up influenced how I view some things,
2. some stigma's can be founded (even remotely) on some truth.

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Aurie said...

i got a couple nice songs for you then:

Marlon Asher "Ganja Planter"

Morgan Heritage "Plant Up Di Herbs"

It just so happens that you can find them both on my page. *shameless plug* i know. my bad.