Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Yesterday I went to pay for my insurance... now amongst the million and one obscure reasons they find to tack on more money to your bill I noticed that there was a particular fee that was RIDICULOUS.

For inexperienced drivers Men are required to pay a extra 35% of the value of the car while women.... Check this....... have to pay 10%.


Why is it the inexperienced women can pay LESS than 1\3 of what inexperienced men are forced to pay.
No! I don't care what statistics say about who has more accidents... You don't go arresting every black person you see just because they commit more crime!

I'm just saying!

Look, I am not saying the insurance company should not take risk into account but if it was just double... i.e. 10% for women and 20% for men, I would chuckkle at it a bit... BUT MORE THAN 3 ******* TIMES the amount? that is just #$%^&#@!!!!!!!!!

Signed: A Victim of feminism


D said...

Victim of feminism...hehe, I like that...

B said...

Unfortunately for you, the insurance industry is all about stats and risk and they deem you men an unsafe investment. :-D

Sweet Simone said...

can u blame them B?

lethal87 said...

The facts are just the facts! Lol! I guess women aren't the 'bad drivers'. Haha! Hush!