Sunday, June 10, 2012


Average Points Per Game:
Career 27.6
This season 27.1
Playoffs 30.8

Assists Per game:
Career: 6.9
The Season: 6.2
Playoffs: 5.1

Rebounds Per game:
Career: 7.2
This Season: 7.9
Playoffs: 9.6

What more do you want!?

Let me make this clear; I am fan of Lebron James.
His sheer skill, genius, athleticism, prowess, unstoppable-ness... etc. etc. etc is an unbridled joy to watch. And yet with all this, his easy going nature and unselfish style of play has made him a unique type of basketball star.
In my mind, never before have we seen his like since the days of Magic Johnson.

Yes I said it! I compared Lebron James to Magic Johnson.

But it is simple, not since Magic has any player been able to play from anywhere on the court in any position offensively and defensively. Lebron is the quintessential basketball player.

And Yet! and yet, he is not given a break... ever. Now don't get me wrong the Hype around him from day one has been HUGE, but barring the elusive ring, if we are truly honest with ourselves he has lived up to the hype.

Immediately I know the Lebron Haters club are gonna point out his 4th quarter performances in the championship series he has played in.
I can't deny it, those were sub par. BUT i will say;
1) he is still one of the greatest players to ever grace a basketball court
2) just shut up and watch, you'll see