Friday, January 12, 2007


20ooo more troops.... hmmmmm

ladies and gentlemen something must be wrong with me. I find myself agreeing with Bush for the first time ever.

The reality of the Iraqi situation is such that America should never have invaded to begin with

But the did and as such they have on their hands a sh*t storm to deal with

It is now the responsibility of the American ppl (who elected this moron to begin with) to deal with the situation at hand. Just pulling out troops after you have screwed a country over is not the way to go.. I point you to what happened to Afghanistan. Look, if you created a monster you need to tame it or else it WILL bite you

Now as for the US policy? I think the US should stop using diplomacy as a last resort.... oh sorry..... they dont use diplomacy at all do they.
Force is needed and soldiers need get what ever resource there is to help them do their Jobs. and so I agree with the 20 thou extra troops.. What I want to see is what they are going to do. They can either help or make the situation worse. Lets hope for the best... oh wait he's in for another 2 yrs isn't he.... DAMN! OK screw that... hush Iraq.

You know in all of this both Syria and Iran can help the Americans greatly in returning order to Iraq however being the 'Axis point' on Satan's Domain on earth the of course will do nothing to help these Saints who only wish to do the lords work by bending the Iraqi ppl over and taking their oil....

Like it or not America will not get anywhere until they can reach an arrangement with both countries... You know the amazing thing The president of Syria, in a BBC interview, announced that he wanted to talk.. but
of course the Bush administration is to (beeeeeeeeep) to do so. Now dont get me wrong the Syrians are going to make sure that they get the better end of the stick in any talks they have With the US. Right now they are sitting pretty quietly helping Palestinians, Lebanese and Iraqi's make life difficult for the Bush and his allies.
The reality is it will come to a point where they realize that they are beating their heads against a wall.... At least Blair seems to begin to realize this... seeing that Bush doesn't really have much off a brain to damage we have to wait for the next election. Once they do and they start talking I believe allot of these 'terrorist groups' will find themselves in trouble....

Reality check:
Then again even as I type this I know I am being an Idealist... I do believe talks are necessary but how effective will they be??? will the world ever find peace?

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Stunner said...

I heard the news myself and it just pisses me off more. What about the other nations who are suffering, like Darfur, Sudan? Dem nuh need help to?

As far as Iraq is concerned, America bit ofmore than they can chew!