Wednesday, January 10, 2007

World Affairs titbits

1) "I plan to emulate the graetest Socialist that ever lived, Jesus Christ"

Those were the words of Hugo Chavez when giving his inauguartion speech... this man is a real thugi-thug

2) So in an interview recently a US diplomat referred to Castro and Chavez as being arsonist..... I know! I know! Doesn't sound like much.. but for a state official/Diplomat to use such strong words on BBC is unusual.... oh wait... My bad Totally forgot the "The Devil was here yesterday" speech... ah well try again US.. no oner and I mean NO ONE can top that speech TUFFFF!!!!!
Those of you who had the privileged of seeing the speech, mark that day as the day the UN saw the wickidess speech it had ever heard.... HYPE!!!

3) Again the the US has done it... WHY THE **** , (calm down )
It turns out that the US unilaterally launched air strikes in Somalia recently. Now, I don't care who you said you were attacking but to violate the sovereignty of a nation and to attack anywhere u please unilaterally is just @#$%^&*#@!!!!!!!!!!
In any case within days of assuming leadership of the UN the new Secretary general has felt the need to speak out against the actions of the almighty F*** the world don't ask me for S**** United States. Of course, he as only succeeded in reminding the world of the impotence of the UN against the awsome might of (beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep)

** This titbit has been discontinued as it may offend some readers of the blog**

Ortega is president (raised eyebrow)... my, the world has changed... or has it?

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Stunner said...

Just checking out your blog, came via top5jamaica.

I heard about the US air strike, typical US government behaviour. They believe they have the right to do any F***ry dem want fi do!