Monday, November 17, 2008

BOSE fi mi money

No wen looking at a BOSE acoustic system.. on realises that the avg cost is 10 times that of other similar systems.. where as i agree it not worth 10 times the value... but it is worth at LEAST 8.

Trust me you will not regret it....


This has been my experience

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Provocative truth

Historians are the only true visionarie.

Who to talk to

I find myself reluctant to talk about the Obama victory with many ppl....... and i am not sure why...
I am happy he won but apprehensive about what it means....

I look around and it almost seems as if we are blinded by euphoria ... which i guess is an acceptable human reaction... but it just seems... so...... human.

There are those i cant wait to talk to about this... these people are more likely to talk about the implications of this in terms or real world changes.... Everyone else it seems are content to do somersaults and back flips as if we just won the lotto.... and maybe we did... I honestly think he is the best man for the job....

Those who harp on the fact that he is black man scare me.... I am glad the American public (at least the white Americans) have shown that they can look beyond race to elect the Best option they had. Power to them.

As for me, its a wait and see... I look at this and cant help but compare this to Bruce Golding (our own Prime Minister) Who i believe is the right man for the times... even though i think some members of his cabinet should go.

I think the world has spoken... its the dawn of a new age its time for a NEW leadership... but whenever i glance back at history I only seee our own tail.