Monday, October 31, 2005

End of an Era?

Hard to believe, but ever since I started taking an interest in World affairs the Name Allan Greenspan was always one to pay attention to. A man who’s words could send Stock markets around the world Scrambling.
I do not pretend to follow the Financial sector that well, but He has steered Americas fiscal policy (in my opinion) well in his 31 years of service. And many appreciate his leadership, and his insight.

Farwell Greenspan, the world will not be the same without you.

PS. he aint dead, just Retiring.

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Pins Hurt if one has a inflated sense of self.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Watergate (Foreword)

OK after Years of wanting to find out about the Watergate scandal, I have finally done my research and for now all I can say is WOW!
Nixon is a real Bad Man. The sad part in all of this is, that had it been Jamaica He would have gotten away with it,..........oh wait he did get away with it.

I will blog at a later date to discuss the issues arising from this most infamous of scandals.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Universal Problem

The following is a short Excerpt from a conversation I had with a friend On MSN. She had her name as being “Unavailable” and I was asking her why. Her response had me rolling with laughter. I must say that I understand and I am sympathetic, but the way it was said just had me.

The Seeker Says:
Friend says:
the research article that I want/need
Friend says:
every time I find a good one, it's unavailable
Friend says:
Friend says:
remind me of MEN!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Dance, Fete, Soca

I remember when I first came to UWI, and went to my first session. When I saw the people ‘dancing’ I was shocked and somewhat dismayed, this was not the kind of behavior I expected at a university. I remember remarking frequently that part my reason for not dancing with anyone was that I don’t believe in ‘Dry Humping’.

It amazed me that women would allow guys to be virtually grope them and, participate in this ‘virtual sex’ in public. Another problem I had with it was that I could not for the life of me get the idea in my head that what they did was just dancing, and that after the dance was done, it was over.

It is amazing how far I have come. I am very different from that decent, quiet (very quiet) fellow that walked down the Taylor Hall corridor in his Sunday best approx 6 years ago. And you know the most amazing part about it, Most of these changes have happened since I have moved back to Kingston to live.

It is an amazing sense of freedom that I don’t plan on giving up.

I remember that in 3rd year UWI, I would go to sessions, especially soca fetes, and would deliberately not dance with any one. Those days are done mind you, but I can say what has not changed is my pure love for soca.

There is a song that says “it is not me, blame it on the music”. Believe that song truly describes me, there is something about the energy and vibe that comes from Soca and Calypso, that has the ability to make everything all right. You just have to move. In fact until recently I use to hate dancing Soca with anyone cause It restricted me, (I’m past that now). My favorite memory of dancing to soca was at a fete where they were playing and extended Soca segment. Can I tell you, every bone in my body ached; I did buss a hundred times over, but could I stop dancing?… It’s hard to describe, U feel the pain, but you feeling no pain.

In any case, I have come to realize that My love for Soca and Calypso Does not extend to all that is associated with it. What a lot of people assume is that those who love Soca Just love to wine. And I keep telling these people its not about the wining, its about the music. In my case I am a Jump and wave guy. Even now, I may dance once in a while when I go to a soca fete, but 9 times out of ten you gonna see me with my rag in the air.

I have always wanted to participate inn Trinidad’s Juvert. However after watching Hype TV’s coverage and going back over some of the customs Surrounding Juvert I realize that my enthusiasm is not that great any more. I really want to do it,
An all night into morning soca fete sounds like the ultimate trip, but there are too many things that make me uncomfortable, most significantly is the link between that night of festivities and ‘Satan’/’the Devil’. The details of which I have not looked into too much, but despite my love for this music, I am still a Christian (maybe a bit too liberal), and there are some things I cannot ignore.

Of course I cannot mention Trini carnival not mention panorama. If I only get to go to Trinidad once in my life, I want to go to panorama, Trust me, Pan Is Pan Is Pan Nuff said.

Ok its getting late and I have to leave, This blog will have to be continued at a later date, so till next time, See ya :D

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

To Kill or not to Kill...... The price of crime

I have reason to believe that that the following text is riddled with grammatical errors. As such, I must tell you I will do everything in my power to ignore them and so should you :). Have a nice day.

On my way to work this morning, there was an interesting discussion about whether or not the death penalty should be re-instated.
Now My view has always been that, it is an excellent deterrent as well as the fact that it is an effective way of dealing with Societies most extreme Deviants,. It makes no sense to try to ‘Rehab’ a stone cold killer, and I really don’t think My hard earned money should feed such an individual.
In any case the Question is asked, will Re-instating the Death penalty help with the Crime rate. My answer is no

The last time I looked at the statistics, the majority of Murders in Jamaica come from domestic Disputes, cases where people are just too hot headed. These murders don’t normally fall under Capital Punishment any way (correct me if I am Wrong).
Even if we were to kill those guilty of participating in Gang warfare or Executions, we would still need to catch them, My Question is If we cant catch them now
What makes us think that re-instating the death penalty will make things any different?

Having said this I have been re-thinking my views on the entire concept of the death penalty. I am now not sure If I can support it. The concept of Killing someone has such finality to it, that if we really stop to think about it, it is a bit scary.
U might argue that these killers don’t stop to think about what they do, so why should we? But if we don’t how are we any different from a big man hiring an assassin to kill someone we don’t like? Remember we cannot let our emotions dictate too much of our decisions, the law has to be as Objective as possible.

I believe that once you have taken a life you have forfeited your right to yours, yet, what ever happened to second chances? Are we to pay for the rest of our lives for one mistake made, then again, the victims do, so………… tuff.

This entire line of reasoning came up as a result of the question of whether or not Jah Cure should be released. Now My views on rapist are such that this is not a forgivable crime, and I honestly think the should be castrated, and I am not joking. Clearly u have shown an inability to have self control, As a result, for the sake of society, the state has a responsibility to remove the threat in a manner that allows you to continue to contribute in a safe manner. Of course the psychological repercussions of this can be severe, but then such is life.

In any case, Before I knew Jah Cure was a rapist, I was enjoying his music and rooting for his release from prison, but now I don’t know. I still like his music and part of me would want to see him out, but this man has shown that at least one point in his life he was not fit to walk the streets in a civilized world. Now he would have us believe that he is a ‘better man’, but the Question I ask Myself is, can we afford to risk it, is he really a better man, do we give him a second chance?
To answer my own Question, I ask Myself, Does the Victim have a second chance? The chance to stay home that night? Having asked this I must ask what does this mean. Is it that all criminals should forever ostracized, if so, how do we expect them to contribute to society?

Footnote: Jesus believes in second chances.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Hush PIB but no spell check used here.

So here it is another birthday, and to be honest with you I would not remember it if People did not constantly remind me.

I think my total apathy for my birthday started bak in highschool, when I realized that it was only a special day cause every one felt that way, to me My family were only showing what I always knew, that they loved me. I never went out much so the only freinds I had were the ones at school, but at an all boys school, ur Birthday is closly gaurded secret, that is, if you plan to go home in clean clothes. So I went through 7 yrs of Cornwall colledge where the only people to tell me happy birthday was my familly, and about 2 or 3 other freinds who never did much about it. By the time I got to UWI my birthday was just another day.

My family, I think, realized this about me and respected it, they still do, for the last couple of years they have toned down there celebrations, to the point where I just a happy birthday during the course of the day. That I can live with.

So now I am at a point where I dont really celebrate my birthday, but alot of my freinds feel otherwise. Last year was a fight to get some of my freinds to not get me gifts and to not make celebration of it. Believe me, I was really annoyed with alot of people during that time. One of my freinds told me at that time that I was being unfair and selfish, to this day I dont fully see why tellin people not to buy me gifts and to not take me out for my birthday is being selfish. And even if it is, its MY birthday. In any case, so this year, I have said nothing much, I think people have got the gist from last year so with the exception of one freind so far, I have been left alone for the most part, for that I am greatfull :).

There is also something I have noticed about my self around this time however, I did not realize it till last night. I enjoy being by myself during this time, I become more withdrawn a bit colder and very silent. Its not that I am Depressed or reflective, its just that I just have a need for my own company. And contrary to popular belief, I am fine.

I realize now taht this apathy extends to many things, it was part of my dissintrest in my graduation, It is also why I am not taht into christmas and other major holidays and events. I participate in these things, because my freinds find them important, and I have come to learn to respect that, but not on my birthday, thats my day to be as apathetic as i want :).

My apathy has always been bother for me. I used to think something was wrong with me when I didnt feel as worked up about things that everyone got worked up abaout, but then I have learned to live with that.
I am not totally apathetic, however, there are things I am passionate about, (pan being one of then :D). but some of the things that are 'standard' are totally lost on me :S.

Any way have to run. TTYL

Monday, October 03, 2005

Panoridim on love and Marraige

The views expressed are just quotes taken from a very small set of people from the band and does not necessarily reflect the views of the majority.

oh and ignore the spellin :P

Qoute 1: "My Marital Status is Monk"
Qoute 2: "Singl 4 life, and Lovin it"
Qoute 3: "Love is the Death of 2 single people"
Qoute 4: "Marraige is the triumph of Imagination over Intelligence"
Qoute 5: "Love is a nuerochemical con-Job"

Please feel free to add your fav. quote to the list :D