Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Seeing The Big Picture (incomplete)

After extensive scientific research and much deliberation, it has been established that this blog rarely, if ever, uses Spell Check

In my time at JPS I have come to think of my boss as a big thinker/visionary of sorts. His ability to conceptualize various ways and means for software to improve the efficiencey of all the processes we have here, has me beginning to see the limitations of my own vision. As with anywhere you go the Leader is required to provide Vision for the others to follow, a big picture that all as a group can work towards. I realise I have yet to acquire that vision, I still think on a 'micro' level, yet I do want to go into project management. Clearly this means I must now open myself and change the way i think. Not an easy task.
Currently my mode of thinking is still "Just tell me what to do", in the past few yrs (especially since my time here) I have learned to think a bit bigger, u no longer have to be given exact instructions, tell me what you want done and I'll figure out how to do it. I have always been like that, and I have enjoyed operating like this, but I have also relized that along this path lies Stagnation, I really like management, and to move up, Me thinking has to expand with it, I dont want @ age 40 I end up at the same place I started at. Actually early last year my boss introduced me to someone who fell into that trap, 10yrs at JPS and he has not moved anywhere, his position was one of those that was good enough to be comfortable yet it had the potentional to allow him to move up the ranks, but alas he wasted it. I think My boss was warning me.
............ To be Continued Completed later


Thinkbass said...

All this vision at JPS and still can't get a regular power supply.

But alright, please don't get too comfortable in your job. Attend seminars, read widely, suggest ideas, look like a team player, do courses (even if they are unrelated - you'd be surprised at the links you can make) and always ask when doing (or finished)a task: How can I make this better, faster, more efficient, less costly. Never stop inquiring and everday ask yourself a how-why question: How does this work and why is it necessary(again, can I do it better?)

Never stop learning, my friend. Think of the highest you can go then try for higher.

Bashmentbasses said...

She just a set you up fi do whole heap a work cause she have to do CME (continuing medical education) fi di rest of her life fi keep di med license.

Thinkbass said...

To Hayden:

Yet another example of how crass vernacular can destroy good things.

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