Tuesday, June 28, 2005


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Ok guys this is another current affairs blog, but this time it touches closer to home. Le-Anne Some time spoke about the CCJ, I have yet to give my views on that topic, but fear not they are coming. Now in a discussion I had with a very good freind of mine last night. I made the point that although I am for the CSME it is doomed to fail.
Yes I said it. Why? you ask, well kids, we have all been fed with the beautiful and somewhat accurate BS about the benifits of a united Carribean against the world economies. Now if this was strickly a matter of economics then sure! it would be a risk, but more than likely it would pay off, however this is not the case as, alas! politics is also at work here, AKA Govts. who want to get re-elected. Now, for the CSME to work some tuff Decisions will have to be made that wiill make some countries have to suffer for the greater good, Of course the minute this happens, the Opposing parties in these Countries will immediatly use it as their slogan to win an election, the end result, a CSME that is unable to make any meaningfull changes. In other words until Govts in the Carribbean decide to give up major parts of their Souvereignty then the CSME will be like Caricom, a side show.
Will this ever happen, your guess is as good as mine. Jamaica had the chance before, with the federation but a selfishness prevented us from oing forward with it, what will happen this time around, I dont know, The is more pressure for us to do this, however and added to that it is now being piggy backed on the CCJ, so only time will tell.


laroper18 said...

mixed feelings about the CSME. On the up side, it means we have stronger bargaining powers as it relates to the world market, et al. Down side: migration issues, work availability, et al.

time will indeed tell if it will pass or fail...

Bashmentbasses said...

I'm inclined to agree with your views. I also know that we need it to work. It's sad and I get down thinking about it.

Worldwide nations are forming large trading grps and we are taking so long to get our act together as a region. Because it is as a region that we can bargain and get into some of these trading partnerships. C'bean islands, on their own, will just be beach visits.

Maybe we should follow Bahamas and concentrate on tourism and screw the other industries or like Cayman and promote as off-shore investing/money holdings.

The Seeker said...

Actually Hayden that is exactly along the lines I was thinking, as a region we are able to specialize, with various countries focusing on diff needs. But that requires a huge amount of Sacrifice and integration, not to mention sensible leadership