Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Inevitabilty Mr. Macintosh?

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
If u have not figured it out,
I'm sure u soon will,
I dont use Spell Check,
trust me you'll live.

On to important matters.
Yesterday a 'Disturbance' was felt throughout the IT force as Steve Jobs (a one of the most powerful IT Jedi knights in all of the galaxy) anounce a shift to a new architecture, Yes Keiran, weep if u must, but Macs are moving to the X86 architecture. In other words you will soon see your Mac PC saying the imortal words: (no! no! no! not 'The Force Be with you')

Intel Inside

I was shocked My self, this is a brave move by the Steve, cause now he runs the risk of competeing purely in terms of OS software, and Windows and Linux have the markets cornered when it comes to Operating Systems. Honestly Apple Should have been dead a long time ago, but through some unknown resilience this Jedi Master has kept his head above water. Now this move is extremely risky and may make or break them, but if anything Steve has taught us over the years, is never to underestimate him.
God Luck Steve, and may the force be with you (I still not buying a mac though)

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Bashmentbasses said...

You heathen. PCs are learners licenses while Macs are the plastic. Have some ambition man! This bears more investigation.