Monday, June 13, 2005

Changes in the Middle East

First things first, I have not been following the news as in depth as I use to so My opinion is not as informed as it should be, at the same time its still my opinion and its my blog Image hosted by

Now its an common understanding that the war in Iraq is all about Oil, The US and Britain have in effect, invaded Iraq and have taken it over stricly for its natural resource. Now as can be expected with any country, there is a resistance. A few patriots that dont want invaders to take over their country. What I find intresting, is that in France they were called 'La Resistance' and in Iraq the are Terrorist, hmmmmmm.
In any case, without explicitly saying so the american population was given the impression that after the Iraqi Election their tropps would begin coming home, I mean not every one, some would have to stay of course to train the Iraqis to protect themselves from themselves. However such is not the case, all of a sudden the Americans "have an obligation" to the Iraqi people to see them through this "Transitional period" in their countries history, and such they are goin have to stay for the "long hall". Intrestingly enough, in a few years, if The US succeed in creating enough of a strong hold in Iraq, the same President we call 'Dumb', will be hailed as a visionary. Simply because the US would now have a Middle eastern country in its pocket, and most importantly, they would have oil :D. Brilliant move Mr. President, and you get away with it cause we all think you are a Dumb Republican.

Such is life in international Politics.

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