Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fathers Day (My fear)

My next post was to have been about what I have come to realize about Male-Female interactions since my recent trip to mobay, but Today I heard something on Zip that has made me realize a fear I have.

Today on ZIP all the ZipJocks spoke about their fathers, and most of them Iether did not know him, hated him, or they had lived in broken homes. At the end of the programm I was at first ashamed. Then I was saddened and a bit angered, and then I felt fear.
I Feard that if I had children it could happen that some day that , my Daughter or Son could go somewhere and talk about how I abandoned them, how they hate me or were indifferent to my existence.
Its hard to explain how much this trully affected me, I have pledged in my heart that I will never abandon any child of mine, that my wife shall lack nothing, but in the back of my mind I know that some of these men thought the same at my age, and then I realize that all I can do is pray that when whatever trial comes that may make me want to think along such lines,I will be strong.
I have learned not to judge people, there are 2 sides to every story, I am not giving excuses, but life has taught me never to say it will never happen, cause things look diff depending on whos shoe your in. That, I have learned the hard way. An option is to never get married, but the jury is still out on that, there are many pros and cons to that story, that we wont get into here.
In any case fathers are scarce today, and I find that the ones who are there do get underappreciated sometimes. I called my father this morning, but being "mucho" and all that, I never expressed totally in words how greatfull I am for his being there, I figure he understands what I mean.

Anyway got to run. Till next time.


Bashmentbasses said...

Similar fear but due to a cycle in my family. Every other generation is good to the point of spoiling them such that the spoiled go on to become dead-beat.

My turn at being spoiling. Need to break the cycle. I talk a tough game of discipline (I will not tolerate american children insolence) but hope to be a gentle caring father.

D said...

I too share the same fear, reason is i dont have much of an example to follow. Didnt have much of a teacher. Only thing I can go off really is, whatever he did, do the opposite. Same for what he didnt do.

bassChocolate said...

Role models ae important, but not life-threatening. What we have here is a bunch of men who are easily able to dinstinguish between right and wrong. Don't worry about example-setters; you know the right thing to do, so just aim for that.

alex said...

I agree with adrian, regardless of your example you can still do the right thing. However example is still important for many reasons, when I think of my own father I think of the support he gives, I think of the desire I have to make him proud. It gives me an added push to do the right thing. But even if you didnt have a father that you could look up to, God is still there! Make him proud!