Thursday, July 06, 2006

The "JPS runs most of my life" attitude.

Yesterday I was privy to an intresting conversation between two managers. They were commenting on the message from the new CEO for our company.
One boss was saying that he was unsure of tone used. Apprantly to him, it gave the impression that he wanted employees to give JPS their lives.

Both managers were lamenting that ever since they have entered the company JPS has almost taken top priority in their lives, where 12 - 15 hour work days were and still are the norm (weekends are included in this).
The problem with this however, as they pointed out, was that their families suffered for it. One made a snide comment that he hopes the younger generation cominig up will know better, but ever since my arrival here, I have reralized the culture in some departments in JPS are such that working less that 10 -12 hours is leaving work early. I remember last November when I told my boss that I was going to stop working on Saturdays, although he said Ok it was clear he was not very happy. As it turns out I am slowly returning to my 7 day work week.
The truth is there is that much work to do, there is no break, no let up. There are allways a million and one things to do here and as such this; "JPS runs most of my life" attitude has developed amongst most of the workers, especially managers.