Monday, July 17, 2006

Time For Change

Ok the following is just me rambling, It started out as an simple essay, but turned into whatever you read below. It is an ongoing story and it is an intresting 'feeling' i have come accross in myself. It is not new yet it is very different this time because I am the one who has to initiate the change, to decide what the change will be. I am caught in a delima because I see how i can easily Do nothing and become stagnant, Something I fear. And so as I pass my through my quarter centry mark I begin to deliberate what change will I bring about in this life that is mine. I remember my uncle talking to me back in high school one day about how he felt about work, and looking back at it i realize now what he was talking about, what i hope is that in makeing these choices/changes I will fair better than he did.

Have you ever come to a point in your life that you begin to feel……

a slowing down of momentum,
a gathering of energies, almost like the a silence before the storm

Have you ever realized that you are coming to that point in your life..
Where You have utilized almost all the happiness you can gather from your current position

Have you ever slowly realized that it isn’t dawn any more, nor Noon
But rather it is Sunset
And that to see the sun you most now move, run, chase after it once more….

Have you ever felt the need to change approach slowly. Silently and methodically removing the anchors that hold your happiness in place at this place……

Have you ever felt a gnawing fear that this change could mean loosing some of which is dear to you
Yet you know to not embrace the change could mean loosing more, ie yourself

Signed To Be Continued...


Rae said...

It's posts like these, from those I least expect it, that have me commenting on blogs when I should be doing my work.

Before I get serious, I must poke my fun... where is Seeker, and what have u done with him? not one spelling error do I see! (in the bottom half that is). But seriously, this is good stuff... and I am soooooo there... line for line, word for word, feeling for feeling.

B said...

Well you know I have been there before, and it's feelings like that which have led me to change in the past. I'm really just trying to find my new sun at this point. Just focus on how great the view will be and good luck.

Bashmentbasses said...

ARE YOU CRAZY!! Give up sure for unsure? Start from scratch? Where will you find the time and what is it that you are gonna do?

Can't you transition in rather than make a sudden change?

Look here that is not how life works, you find something and you stick with it and make it yours and find ways to enjoy it!

You're throwing it all away! Which woman want a man who can't even make up his mind about his own life? How she gonna trust him to be able to take care of her?

D said...

Yup, can relate. Its a difficult place to be in for sure, and I think most of us go through it at some point in our lives, I think usually around the mid 20s. There's no easy way out unfortunately, just try to have faith that whatever path is being carved out for you is the right one, whether it seems that way to you right away or not.

Shelly said...

Yeah, I think we all know what changes you want to make....No fear. Just embrace what the future holds! A wife, some kids, a dog maybe...I know considering these things make the world of work seem ready to be stirred in a way you cant imagine. But overcome your fears dear....just leap!Remember: 'Long run short ketch'

Anonymous said...

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