Thursday, July 20, 2006


It appears the US ‘Intelligence’… Yes the same one that was certain that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq… has said that Iranians were present at the missile tests that North Korea carried out the other day.

I am now scared… Iran, not Syria, is next on Bush’s agenda. I guess they have more oil :s

You know the sad part is they are doing the same thing they did with Iraq. I wonder if they’ll be able to fool the American people twice. In any case they will always have ‘Gay marriage’ as their trump card. That is a greater threat to America, apparently, than ‘I am a war president’ Bush.

Any way, what is this method you ask?

Well, with Iraq you start by making vague links between 9/11 and Saddam and blur the lines between speculation and actual fact. Put enough talk of death, doom and gloom until your population thinks they are at church hearing about the end of days, and then offer them this glorious opportunity to destroy a ‘Nexus point of evil’, an opportunity to deal a blow to Satan and his minions.
Boy did that work… well… at least initially

In any case the Iran Situation is similar… in fact this time its even easier cause now you have the BBC and CNN backing your story.

1. (fact) Iran declares they will begin enriching Uranium

2. (fact) Nkorea Tests long rang missiles

3. (US intelligence) therefore they are working together (note: no actual evidence needed)

You see If (a = b) and (b = c), because they are in the same alphabet q = a,b and c

Impeccable logic and a great excuse to get more oil wells ;)

Now I will not be surprised if it turns out that this report is true, but I’ll wait till BBC tells me so.


Mummy Mel` said...

LOLOLOL, the BBC? Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness Seeker ;)

D said...

lol, nice post. Americans are stupid, the same strategy that worked with Iraq will work with them. And im pretty sure most Americans can be convinced that q = a, b and c. Hell, they know the president is stupid and still voted him in again so what you expect

Sweet Simone said...

LOL, had fun with this one Seeker. U wondered if American ppl can be fooled twice, but u forgot Bush is in his SECOND term! The answer: Of course! Bring it On!