Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rambling about psyche

Have you ever had one of those days you look in the mirror and you see a punk (actually the word I want to use is more explicit).

I find such moments interesting; I suspect I am not alone in experiencing such emotions. But it makes the paradoxes that is the ‘human psyche’ even more fascinating.

Taking myself as an example; I suspect that my ego is over inflated.
On one hand I think the world of myself while at the same time I possess such a plethora of insecurities I find it hard to reconcile the contradiction that is my persona.

In light of this, I have learned to realize that each individual I meet is multidimensional, where number of dimensions tend to infinity.
The problem is, there is no way for me to really appreciate this. You see, if I can’t figure myself out, there is no way I can begin to see, let alone understand, all the aspects that make up a person.


Having said this, my SO/GF has said that I like to ‘psycho analyze people’, I beg to differ, the truth is ‘humans’ fascinate me, the way we think, we move, what motivates us what drives us, our action and in-actions is very interesting to see. At the same time much of what I see in humans (including myself) I do not like. That, I am sure, has come out in my blogging.

This fascination of how and why humans tick has lead me to see the truth that is the borg.


bassChocolate said...

Interesting thoughts.

I think we all feel the need to be as perfect as we can be, to be able to look at ourselves and be proud of what we are, both for ourselves (which is fine) and for others (which is where the whole 'Nice Guy' thing that BB posted about comes in).

I don't think you necessarily need to try and reconcile your perception of you with your insecurities. The reality is, we'll never be perfect. Acceptance is important. Sometimes we need to be reminded of our insecurities so that we get can get off our high horses.

By the way, you do psycho analyze people :-P

Mummy Mel` said...

Interesting.Aren't you in the Least pleased to realise that a human being once given room to maouvre and grow will never cease to find ways of surprising you? BC has a good point in realizing that acceptance is important.Particularly when you have no other mental space to inhabit.

The Seeker said...

lol! hmmm u raise a very valid point.

And no I dont BC.

Anonymous said...

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