Thursday, July 06, 2006


Boy President bush has been running amok and acting like he is a International Bad man, the Original Global GANGSTA .

But recently a likkle short man from Asia has reminded the big bad USA that he is the REAL
Gangsta aroun ere.
After serious wrangling in 2002 - 2003 about it Uranium enrichment program.... hold up I need to explain this story some more.

This is around the same time Bush is accusing the Iraq of weapons of mass destruction and has decided to invade.. seeing this happening Kim decides to announce that he is developing nuclear weapons. HA! Now if all was fair the US would give the Nkoreans the same set of threats but instead they tried to reach some back door deals.
Why? u ask, that’s because when a real Gangsta challenges a wangsta, the wangsta must take a seat. The US knew better than to challenge this asian mad man. Added to that, the US has not really forgotten the "Forgotten War" when The Koreans handed them their Asses barbequed on a platter.

Anyway back to the present.......
So after reaching some agreement back then, which basically was that The Koreans Told the US if you don’t give me what I want I will develop my weapons of mass destruction, the Koreans have announced and launched test missiles. The scary beauty of this is;

1. they announce they will test missiles able to reach the US, The US and there allies go up in arms crying and beating gums. The Nkoreans are silent

2. they launch 6 missiles that splash into the sea west of Japan, the US allies beat gums even louder (i am sure they bleeding now) Nkorea remains silent

3. They Launch 1 more 12 hours later. The Outcry from the US and their allies are defining.
Koreans finally speak stating that they will continue test and will use force if necessary to defend their right to do so...... US and Allies have been quietly mumbling ever since, talking of crying to the UN security council.

Now having said all this I am worried, I do believe Kim is a mad man, He is trying to extort more aid out of the International community because his Country is in a bad state, but what happens when the US and Allies Decide to stop?
Worse yet what if China and Russia stop supporting them? What will he do with the weapons??????


D said...

Kim a de real bad man, next to de Iranian man dem. Bush is a true wanksta

Bashmentbasses said...

Nice post, interesting discussiion. If Kim attacks the US we will be caught in the fallout. I hope his intention is just to show the US what real bad man do (look pon di big bully and shot im a box an tell im "no mek mi affi talk to yu again"). Inspiring!!

Mummy Mel` said...

Stupid bully U.S.They've mad a mockery of the UN for a good periood of time now, yet they want to run to the same security council they've managed to destabilise for backup. How dumb do you get. Maybe I'm just naive and they're deliberatly goading Nkorea so that they can launch a full out attack and to hell with the rest of the world. I mean they're the ones supporting everyone else anyway right?