Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Lessons Taught for 2005 (not necessarily learned)

1. Seek balance
2. Passion Rules reason
3. When In Doubt Don’t
4. Parents Get Old
5. Your Friends wont always say no for you
6. You cant say No all the Time
7. Seek Balance
8. Silence is provides the Greatest opportunity to learn
9. Beware of unwittingly burning bridges
10. Honesty is definitely NOT always the best policy
11. Know what you want
12. Know that you will not always get what you want
13. Know that you Should not get some of what you want
14. Seek Balance
16. The Path will not always be clear.
17. Have Faith
15. Seek God


B said...

Busy year, eh? Some good lessons, hopefully those not fully learnt yet were at least absorbed so that they will be remembered.

laroper18 said...

Re. No. 10: "Omission is betrayal". What do u think about that?

Rae said...


Re. No. 10: hmm, I guess I need to take what u say with a grain of salt then huh? :P ok, my real comment was: depends on the relative view of 'best'.

bassChocolate said...

Good stuff.

Honesty is always the best policy though. However it doesn't solve all problems, and many times it creates more. But it frees the conscience.

D said...

I agree with BC...it doesnt always solve problems and many times can create more. Hence why its not always the best policy.

reluctant intellectual said...

Honesty is certainly the best policy for a clean conscience, but I don't think "that omission is betrayal." Some things, or some details, are just not certain people's business.

I notice seeking balance is a recurring "lesson taught." But how is one supposed to know when balance is attained? It seems to me that nothing is ever going to be in exactly the right balance, nor is that necessary balance always going to be the same. I think more important lessons (ones that life is teaching me :) ) are "be flexible" and "learn to adjust." Almost everything in life, especially our goals, are constantly shifting, and it is critical to be able to adapt.

What do you think about that?

Anonymous said...

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