Friday, November 18, 2005

No Food For the Poor

Hmmm I don’t know what my opinion on state handouts are, but Shortly after trying to reduce the # of minorities in New Orleans the Bush Administration are trying a new tactic by reducing spending on Food Stamps.


Bush is beginning to behave like a little Dictator I knew who seemed to think that Killing Jews would solve all his problems. Seems like Kanye was right. Any way there are many sides to this issue, and this is just my initial response, maybe after thinking about it some more I ‘ll change my tune, until then.

Bushes theme Song is from, ironically, Biggi Small. The same Song I had mentioned in another blog.

**** the world Don’t ask me for ****

OK! OK! I admit the statements made above are a bit extreme and unfair the administration, But they makes ‘Bush Bashing’ so easy. Welfare systems are helpful, but there are Times I wonder about them :S, in any case that is for another blog.


Rae said...

I have soooo many feelings about this. But I'll just state one from the environmentalist point of view here. Dem did get wash out in New Orleans for a reason! The place is below sea-level!!! Rebuilding in my estimation is a waste of money and people's lives because it's gonna happen again.

Just needed to let that out. I feel better now.

B said...

Amen to that, Rae. I been saying that ever since.