Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Land Of the Free to s***w everyone else

Once again The Complete Arrogance of this (***Insert Expletive here***) man has me Completely Riled.
I have voiced My opinions about this man and his Team before and you’d think I would have learned to calm down by now, but I just cant Keep Silent. The Bush administration is one straight from out of the Cold war days. An Anal Retentive set of Paranoid Terrorists.

It is amazing How they are able to get me Spitting mad, The first thing that had me, Which by the way I am still Llivid about is the fact those (***Insert Expletive here***) people had the gall to ask the UN to exempt them from War Crime Tribunals.

Again I am forced to stop Typing, due to the fact that Children may read this post.

The next thing is the fact that the decided to invade Iraq Despite Cofi Annon’s reservations. And To add insult to injury, I am almost certain they are behind the Scandal surrounded the secretary general shortly after he public denounced the invasion.

But alas they were not done there. To ensure there was no doubt the world knew that the US has more respect for its own sh** oops I mean FEACAL MATTER than the UN, they appoint as their ambassador a man who’s track record Shows he has no tact and couldn’t care less about you if you are not American.

Stopping to calm down.. Again.

However, after realizing that I haven’t Popped a blood vessel yet. The have now Decided to prevent the UN inspectors from interviewing their Prisoners of war. After Forcing the UN to negotiate for 3 YEARS before they had a chance to take a look at the prison, and then to top it off, today the Washington Post reveals Top secret prisons for Terrorists.

FREEDOM MY (***Insert Expletive here***)

The author of this blog has ended transmission do his inability to stop swearing at this point in time


Anonymous said...
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bassChocolate said...

Just another day in the oval office. I prefer the cheating president.

dorna! said...

You forgot the bare ars*** lying, conspiracies to smear dissenters, open ended incarceration of alleged enemies of the state without due process, the Kyoto non-accord... What did I miss? *sigh*

And just think we have 3 more years of this to go.

Stunner said...

This is what I think:

Utter stupidity