Tuesday, April 12, 2005

In The News

Normally I would start this blog as with any other but by now you all should realize that my spelling is horrible and as such, just try to follow as best you can.

International News:
Ok guys 2 issues that have caught my attention the first being the current "Road March to peace".In My view, the Isreali prime minister has shown himself to be a man who is confident and determined in his stance and has vision and he has no problems with with killing as many Palistinians as is necessary to get his point accross. In the initial stages of his term in office I was hard pressed to find the difference between him and the Terrorists he claimed to be killing. Today he's on Bush's ranch in the United States Discussing the Road march to peace. Yesterday Bush came out saying that; the isrealis need to relinquish some settlements, Sharons Response today was (paraphrasing);" They (the US) disagreed when we first put them up and they still disagree and Just like then I will tell you now 'Talk to the hand'. Of course he was a bit more diplolmatic about it but it boiled down to the same thing. But time will Tell.

The Second issue is a burning one and I am rather upset about. To start of the greatest question to ask is; "Is the UN still relevant today?" Now I will tell you, before the invasion into Iraq we were quite comfortably dillusioned that The UN had a use a purpose and could protect us in its own way, after Iraq, this is no longer the case. The UNs power resides in the goodwill and decency of the worlds Super Powers to respect it. As a result when a, , a person selected by the majority of the voters in a country who should be a rational, well thinking, sensible, & diplomatic induvidual is little or none of the above and goes of on rampages totally undermining the UN and alliances it has in the International Community then, we must realize that the UN may have outlived its cause. Dont get me wrong I do not wish for it to go.
Now after the Iraqi debacle you would think this induvidual would realize that he needs to be freindlier with International community but NOOOOOOOO. He, the genious that he is, has nominated for the position for UN ambassidor, someone who has a track record that indecates he has no idea/Clue what the word Diplomacy means. If that is not the ultimate slap in the face I dont know what is. To make matters worse, this Imbicille is talking of UN reform. Do you know what that means. Let me Translate it for you; This means LET US REMAKE THE UN IN OUR OWN IMAGE TO BE A CLEAR AND DEFINATE LACKY THE DOES OUR BECK AND CALL WITH OUT US HAVING TO PRETEND AT DIPLOMACY. Am I bitter? Noooooo!!!!!!!!!! not at all.
Who I feel sorry for is the Mr. Anon who has been treated like FEACAL MATTER by the US, who even went as far as trying to get charges against him when He made it clair in no uncertain terms that the US had no respect for anyone but itself. But Nuff said, The final straw that made me really Like this most anal of dictators err I mean Wonderful of Democratic Presidents, was when he wanted all his armed forces to be immune from the Internation war crimes tribunal......... {to p----d to type}. I think I will stop here.
I will say though that after looking at this I realize why he won the election again. He has made it clare that he lives by the words of biggie small who said:

"&*#% the World Dont ask Me For @#$%"

I will end the blog here and cool of. See you guys later.


Bashmentbasses said...
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Bashmentbasses said...

I have finally finished reading your blog. It took me a while but I managed. I can say without a doubt...... YOU CANNOT SPELL!!!!! Without a doubt my friend, without a doubt.

I understand your pain which is why I try to stay away from anything to do with the UN and the US. I have some pro-US relatives who have gone there and made a life and they say they don't agree with Mr. Bush but they understand that he has to protect the country and I just stared at them. They are older and I respect them but that had to be the end of the conversation or all that would change real fast.

They have bought into the american fear that they cause. The bully is really afraid!! That's how it always has been.

Anonymous said...

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