Monday, August 01, 2005


I think Q has been asked before, but I cant remember what was said.

Do you believe that males and females can have a trully platonic Relationship, where there is never any Sexual tension between the 2.

My answer is yes and no,Purly Platonic relationships are possible, but at some point the sexual/Romantic element must cross the mind of one or both parties, think about it, u are only freinds with people you like. the Question is what happens at the moment the thought crosses your mind.


bassChocolate said...

Seems to be the topic of the day. Can a man and a woman maintain a strong but platonic relationship? Mos def! I've done that successfully a couple a times. Do non-platonic thoughts come to you? Mos def! And not necessarily in every case, and they don't necessarily make things complicated, especially if you leave them as quick 'what ifs' and that alone.

You're only friends with ppl you like... true, but we like ppl for different reasons, and some reasons are VERY platonic.

Thinkbass said...

I'm with superlibrabass, I have had many a platonic relationship. Some cases the 'what if's' never cross my mind, sometimes I go 'hmmm'. It gets touch and go if you know the other person is also going 'hmmm'.

The thing to realise is that logically if you hang with anyone long enough they might start to look good. (or not)

What happens when it crosses ur mind: find a quiet corner and ask urself if u REALLY like th eperson and are willing to have ur friendship soiled by a potentially embarrasing moment. (Bound to make it look different when u think of it like that.)

Bashmentbasses said...

I've had as many what ifs as I've had platonics. I've kept my mouth shut and my zip up ..... mostly and I lost some because they didn't take kindly to being ignored when they wanted more. I like a little flirt with my platonics.

Rita Lyn Prosa said...

When the 'platonic' relationship begins to have sexual tension, then it is no longer such... it is simply a friendship which is in limbo-neither platonic nor intimate.(that is of course if both are aware of this.) However I must agree with others who said that it can have "what ifs." It's only human nature to to consider any possiblity, and it becomes an issue when one continues to ask about possibilities and start to display these thoughts overtly.