Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Israel's Deal

I just read an article on how the Americans reached an agreement with Israel to stop them from selling weapons to China.
Now if my memory of world affairs is correct then I am sure that allmost all of Israels Weapons are provided or funded by the US.
Now I find this quite hillarious.
Look at it this way, I sell you weapons to defend yourself and fund your army and you sell bak these weapons to my biggest millitary threat. TUFFF!! :D
Trust me, my ratings for the Jews went up a couple of notches, the tuffest part is how they settled the deal. Had it been any third world country, America would have threatened to cut aid to that country,and that would be the end of that. But Noooo not the Jews, in fact not only did america not threaten to cut aid, but they agreed to pay for Isreals Withdrawal from the Gaza strip.
Now thats how stuff are suppose to get done.

Of course we know that such levels of ahms house is not unique to the Jews.
In fact one of the greatest example came from America when the sold Weapons to both Sides of the Iraq - Iran War (shakes head).
Another of my favorite examples of course is from or little mad Korean Dictator who declared that he was making Nuclear weapons an would not stop until America gave him Aid, Now that is Tuff, its always nice to see when the US get B*tch slapped and they have to suck it up :D
In any case that same story goes on even further, the Korean guy only admitted to creating Plutonium, however America is insisting that He still is Developing weapons grade Uraniun, Needless to say he claims to have no idea about what they are talking about and refuses to let the US in to inspect anything, :D (SLAP!!)
Of course you might ask yourself why doesnt america invade then, well other than the fact that the mad guy has a large army, America never really forgot the "Forgotten War", when they tried to invade Korea before and had their Asses handed to them Diced up in to Bite size peices on a silver platter. Trust me it wasnt pretty.

In any case,. all these stories of international intregue just goes to show that life isnt fair, and while the world Super poweres play "Who has bigger Balls", we, the common folk, are the onoes that really suffer.

Question of the day: Should The US leave Iraq Now, and do you think the Terrorists their are fighting for the right reasons?


bassChocolate said...

Interesting stuff...

Should US leave Iraq? They shouldn't have been there in the first place. Only the arrogant believe that they can just go into a country and take over. All that's happening instead is that they're getting their own killed off by the hour, and the same people they claim they're trying to liberate aren't even living to enjoy this 'freedom'. For many months there has been no real progress, but Mr. Bush insists that they must hold they ground. As for the terrorists- I'm not even sure what they're line of thought is.

Easy for him to say while he's shooting birds at his ranch on his 5 week vacation.

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