Monday, August 29, 2005

Is He........?

A very intresting Question from a troubled young man, how do you answer?

Am I

The only one who recognizes the dangers involved, The cons that associate itself with such a venture. Yes I am Human and have desires and yes I yield to some of them, but Am I the only one who sees beyond that point to see where things could go.


Is It I am too self absorbed, too obsessed with my own gratification, Is it that I fear committing my self to such an institution. Is this selfish of me?


I have been told when in doubt, don't and in this case the repercussions can tear the Soul.


To live by this creed one must abstain and refrain.


It is so hard.

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Sweet Simone said...

i must commend the Seeker on a job well done. When speaking from the heart it seems all spelling errors are forgotten. But on the serious side this is a very good post. Let go of that fear Seeker! Nothing tried, nothing gained.