Thursday, August 25, 2005

Babling again

I have forgotten What it was I wanted to write about. Much has happened since last I wrote, most notice-able, of course, was the concert. However I dont think I am gonna spoil the memories by trying to describe the show, lets just say it was HYPE!!!!

I must mention a serious problem I see coming upon us. Pan needs a musical director, there is no 2 ways about it. Our music will suffer if we dont have one, especially if we are goin to take on new members. There is much more I could say on the matter but thats gonna step on toes I dont mean to to step on, suffice it to say, Panoridim will "fall off" if we do not not have musical leadership, but what to do?

A more soberiung issue is the fact that many people will be taking a 'backseat' in panoridim, Now I have blogged about this before so you all no how much this really saddens me. It is hard for me to see anybody in pan leave, but I Understand, but it still hurts. Some day I too will 'take a backseat' but until then..................

Oh! BIG UP to Mario, I know we did Big ups to Rory who mashed up the place after some shakey points during preps,Big ups to Leo as well, Dis yout is talented, no matter wat u want to say. Of course MUNDO Big ups to Damion and Anthony cause we done know that they are the reeeealll shizzle, True Veterans.
Mario came into the band and a point when we desperately needed a drummer and we chucked him off on the deep end and told him to swim with the sharks. And boy did he swim. This fellow has done huge amount of work for pan with a smile on his faced as we pressured him constantly everynight, not even to mention the cussinss from Q :D. Trust me I am impressed and greatful, Bless, My yout. Mr. 'Summer Body For The Ladies' :D

I realize that I have no Idea what people think of me honestly. THe other day I found out that one of my closest freinds thinks of me as a hipocrite, that I pretend to be what I am not. I was at first hurt by this, but then saddened, because such is not the case. I am who you see, there are other aspects of my personality I might choose not to show you. But everything u see is trully apart of who i am. But then we all know that everyone is more than meets the eye, dont we?
In any case I am now on a drive to find out what people think are the negatives to my character. I think I am stubborn enough not to let it phaze me, but It would help to see what aspects of myself that I dont recognize that 'Urk peopple'. I will say now, however, that those of you who think I spend way too much time "chatting other peoples business" I will disregard because I dont. If you look bak at each time I have been accused of scandalizing anyone, u will see I have only asked Questions, I dont chat peoples business, people chat their own business, and added to that if you tell me something in confidence then rest assured it will not be repeated. And again i say, I did not deserve the Sus master award for with the Likes Of BB, Kelly, THinkBass and not to mention B, there is NO way I compare even to remotely to them.

Ok, My time is up see Till next time Remember: BALANCE


bassChocolate said...

Which people yuh talkin' bout? CALL NAME!!!

Bashmentbasses said...

Him frighten to call name cause him fear a beatdown. "Punks jump up to get beat down.." was the anthem of a popular rap grp of the 90s.

I think you try to please too much and because I've been there I know you'll go 1 of 2 ways.
1. Missing someone out and getting mauled for it
2. running yourself ragged.

I ran myself ragged so many times.

I don't actually consider you a suss monger, but then I don't know wht ppl tell you and wht they/you been up to.

You want to say I'm a better contender for the award? Take a look at what I talk about. Is any of it based on real information? Call me the NUMBER 1 SCANDALISER I'll admit to that. But I don't actually know anyone's business I make some observations and spin a lovely tale. I'm harmless.... just a tad bit embarrassing.

I must admit that sometimes I'm on the right track in my observations and as soon as persons come to me and say "you too close for comfort", I cease and desist cause I can't deal with the real life drama. No weeping and gnashing of teeth for me.

B said...

You know my number one complaint about you is the inability to say no to people. Luckily for you, you have acknowledged that it leads you to try to do too much. You have started changing that to allow you more time for you, and I suspect (Panfest excluded) you are now finding that balance.

As for the "sus master" issue, like BB above I chat noone's business. I make up stuff in jest based on overheard comments but if I ever know anyone's ACTUAL business it passes not my lips. So again, scandal is my game. :-)

Thinkbass said...

I don't chat nobady business. I just wait around (and I suppose u may liken it to johncrow waiting pan mawga dog fi dead) until someone (who doesn't know better)says something I can take two ways. Then I take it, tweek it, spin it, add nuff imagination and deliver it with a mischevious smile and a rude intonation. That's all.

Yeah, worried bout some stuff for pan too - but all in gen. meeting (assuming I reach).

The drummers did perform credibly after all that beatdown they got.
(Mr. 'Summer Body For The Ladies' :D ahmmm...something to tell us Mark?)