Tuesday, August 30, 2005

NBA trade Update

Ok let me get this straight
I have a coach and a team that has led me to 2 consecutive championships and I am gonna get rid of the coach ?
What the..........!

It seems that The Pistons have Releaved Coach Larry Brown of his Duties and are currently searching for a new Coach.

For those of you who do not follow NBA this means that next year the Miami Heats will Win the NBA, barring of course there are no serious Injuries. In any case just remember you heard me say it first.

The good news is that he is moving to New York. I use to be a Die hard Nicks fan, but against all odds they have managed to kill my enthusiasm for the team.
Hopefully Larry will be able to wip the team into shape. Mind you I expect Mauberry to pose a problem, as Larry Brown works best with a "Team", not a "superstar and his Support Cast". In any case, once again I think I can proudly Declare that I am a Nicks fan, so for this coming season, even though my head tells me that the Heats will win, I will be cheering and routing for my original favourite team.



bassChocolate said...

I don't know if Larry Brown will be able to pull the Knicks that far up in one year. Miami should have the edge. But don't forget the defending NBA champions in the west.

The Seeker said...

Miami will have what it takes. Besides We have the "Man of Steel"