Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's geting hot in here

Ok, so from the first day the deal was mentioned I knew the Miami heats would be a tuff team to beat. And although their performance last year was not what i would call "awe inspiring", I knew that they would only get better.
However, i was just watching the highlights of the all star game when i heard the words; "Dwayne Wade to Lebron James". I'm late, I know. but WOW!

The lethality of this combination can only be rivaled by what happened when the three headed Celtic monster was born (Pierce, Garnett and Allen). I mean...How can David Stern sit by and watch such balefully pernicious creations be made?

Finally, the destructive and sheer bloodthirsty nature of what the heats have done have sunk in. I mean, I know that there are other three headed monsters out there, but they are mostly old. This is the most athletic killing machine... er i mean team, out there right now. It is truly a scary sight to behold.

I know the celtics will try, but they ain't young no mo. The bulls have the greatest potential and we will see what will happen... next year. The knicks... sigh, they are linsational, but the heats just took them to basic school.

No my friends, I think it already written on the wall, the heats are going to the finals. The only question is, who from the west will be there to greet them.

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