Friday, February 17, 2012


I am currently suffering from blogger's atrophy.
There a number of small ideas that are flitting about in my head, but I can't seem to be able to pin any down to get a proper post out of and I blame Micro blogging.

Although I have a twitter account (@jussoncypher) i really don't use it much. My real guilty micro blogging pleasure was BUZZ.
The thing is, when i go to work the first thing I log into is my gmail account, and Google, the geniuses they are/were, put Buzz right there... I mean Right in front of me!... what did they think was gonna happen!?

It was easy to access cocaine, just a click away and a post is off. Forget thinking through and organizing your thoughts, as it pops into your head, pop it on a page. As a result, my desire and ability to write a full post withered and almost died.
But then! the unthinkable happened. Google killed Buzz (*tear*). I mean i have nothing against Google plus, but i treat it like i treat facebook... i only go on it once in a very blue moon.

As a result my easy to use outlet for my intellectual fecal matter was lost and here i am... back to where i started trying to relearn how to use muscles that i had left languishing.


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B said...

Lol! I know the feeling. In my case, I dump a lot on Twitter though not even close to the amount I used to blog. But it does somewhat alleviate the perceived need to blog.

But I'm bringing it back too. I've been saying this for a while but the desire to really write is digging at me. See you soon (and welcome back :-) )