Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gym Woes

Since October of last year I have been going to the Gym relatively regularly, and since January 16 of this year I have been doing a workout schedule that has been giving me some results.... the only problem is it does not show.

The scary thing is that this bothers me. I am running way faster and further not to mention pushing more weights than ever before... but with my increased strength comes increased vanity.
I mean, really?

I am the guy who could not care less what he wore anywhere. Now don't get me wrong i have not turned "dapper" over night, but i now actually think about what to wear :S... what the...!?

That aside, it is amazing how annoyed i am at my lack of muscular definition.When did Mark Hylton start caring about stuff like that :S. Its gotten the point where i realize that i need to change my workout regime again and i am going to add more cardio workouts for at least the next 2 months.

Please understand this... I HATE CARDIO WORKOUTS, and I am doing this just so that i will LOOK the way i want to!?


PS. wish me luck ;)