Thursday, March 01, 2012

Bother Zone

It is well known amongst men that one of the most dangerous zones to get into with a woman is the dreaded "friend zone". This territory is truly an earthly manifestation of the celestial reservation know as the purgatory.
Real no man's land... a place where there is seemingly no escape.

Now, if you (quite rightly) view this as a prison, then you know that there are times when some inmates escape. Because of this, there can be some hope, not much, but just about the size of a higgs boson particle.

There is another place, however, that serves as the alcatraz of zones. It is the Brother Zone.

Know this all ye men, if a female acquaintance looks upon thee and sayeth unto thee; "thou art like a brother to me" know that thou shalt never ever ever see the promise land.

ever ever?

Ever Ever!

This zone will break a man, leaving him but a mere shadow of himself.
Beware this zone all ye men for it is truly a hellish place.


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