Monday, October 02, 2006

Birthday.. again

Well my birthday is rolling around again, and as can be expected I find myself dreading the day coming around again. It not that I hate my bday but as I said before I really don’t like celebrating it. I cringe at telling people the exact day for fear they may want to do something (sigh).
In any case It’s just apart of life and one of the things one has to go through.


Mummy Mel` said...

Garbage, I think you do hate your birthday. An inescapable reminder to you and others that you're getting older.Especially galling when you have such a bad memory and refuse to accept that ppl age (like your little brother!)Just be glad you're actually in the island when it rolls around so you can get it over with quicker.

bassChocolate said...

Funny enough, my birthday no longer has the effect it used to. It only occurred to me about a week ago just how close it is... But you know, older I may be getting, but alive I still am. I won't complain.