Friday, October 20, 2006


It is interesting how NK’s biggest ally, China, Quickly turned on it the minute they followed a course of action that they did not agree with. It made me rethink the old belief that “The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend”. How true is the statement?

In the arena of world politics, this sort of attitude has lead to many problems. The list includes countries like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Columbia. The reality is the Enemy of My is really my temporary Ally. In light of this, in today’s society where ones power is dependent on who you ally yourself, to what extent should one look at the consequences. How much responsibility do you have to the people you ally you self to as well as to what extent can you be held accountable for the actions of these Allies. Take for example Syria, for quite a number of years now Syria has refrained from taking any direct actions against Sire or any other western country, however, because of there support for Lebanon Iran and the Palestinians they have been put under enormous pressure by the “Western countries”. However when the Taliban started supporting terrorist attacks no pressure was put on the US for funding them. But then again I do realize this is not a fair comparison. What I am driving at is the fact that countries need to be more careful of the people/regimes they support. At some point one needs to look at the long-term consequences of your actions.
I won’t even start with the US… I am upset thinking about it.. But look at China. If China does not believe they can trust Little Kim with a nuclear weapon why on earth are they support them? Look Iran is developing a nuclear Program But Syria Knows they can trust them as such they have unwavering support, Pakistan and India recently developed Nuclear weapons but the US knows they have their Military in their corner so they have no Qualms supporting them. The fact is, if you think the man is unstable WHY are you supplying his army? (sigh)
It is sad state, and that just one example, Russia and the US are by FAR Worst. Really these countries need to be help accountable for the actions of their so-called allies Seriously! But then the Question is who is going to hold them accountable :S certainly not the UN

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Bashmentbasses said...

The UN says to NK that they don't support their decision to develop nuclear weapons. The big countries who are saying so already have their own weapons.

Lil Kim says they will proceed as usual. What was the purpose of the international debate again?