Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Zuma Acquitted

Here it is we have a prominent politician charged with rape. The nature of such situations is such that these people have enough wealth and power to make any conviction difficult.

Now, I am not saying I think he was guilty, I am just saying I don’t know.

For the victim (if she was not lying) this must be a terrible moment, the mere act of going through with this trial must have took a Herculean effort. To know that the entire world knows about this dark moment in your life is something that I admire her strength and courage.

On the other hand I must look at the possibility that this could all be an attempt by Zuma’s opponents to smear his character, in such a case this trial would not be too hard, I sure she would have been adequately compensated.

In either case, in all the press coverage, I have yet to see or hear in any news report the face or name of the victim, yet such is the nature of the media, she does not matter, never did really, she is just a minor player on a much ‘grander’ stage.

In a program on BBC a caller made a comment to the effect that we should not forget that most news agencies are profit making organizations, and as such there ‘agenda’ and focus will be geared towards that end.

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Rae said...

I actually see them leaving off the face and name of the victim as a good thing. After all, u said it takes a lot of effort to go through all this. If it were me, and I wasn't lying, I would prefer to not have my face and name published either. It gives hope to other victims that they can in fact press charges against an attention-drawing person and still not have their personal life plastered all over the media.