Thursday, May 25, 2006

After some study.

As most people know I am fascinated by the 'condition' that most of us have known as being 'HUMAN'.

I have found it intriguing to observe how this 'form' of existence brings about interesting situations especially when in contact with another sentient beings of a similar 'persuasion'.

Needless to say, my primary subject has been myself, and today I have come across an interesting realization.

"Ones mindset can influence ones perception"


Mummy Mel` said...

what's with all the quotation marks? True quote at the end fi real.

Trying To Focus said...

...You knew that all along and didn't tell me?!

D said...

yeah, really, what is up with the quotations? You have some hidden meaning somewhere?

me said...

althought I agree with the statement, I don't think you are the best candidate for a study on the human condition.
sorry babes, but you kinda abstract.

The Seeker said...