Monday, May 01, 2006


I put it to you the accumulation of wealth is the root of 99.9% of the evil in the world today the rest is just insanity.

President Mugabe has, for the last couple of years, been systematically driving his country into the ground. He has amassed himself a huge amount of wealth while the avg. citizen suffers greatly (HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT). The country has an inflation rate of approx. 1000%.

Now when I hear stories like that and I hear how the Chinese have been supporting him economically, and have benefited by winning a number of state contracts. When I hear even further that their weapons are being sold throughout Africa, fueling conflicts all across the region. I feel helpless and hopeless. It pains me to know they are doing the same thing America did (and Does) and will prob. see the same result: World Super Power

There are times I look at the human race and I wonder why would any god put up with our existence. For every good deed done there are thousands of atrocities that go unstopped or unpunished.
I look at Muslim extremist who find it ok to take life indiscriminately for a ‘cause’, and I cant condemn them simply because My religion has already had its ‘Crusade’.

As an ‘intelligent’ life form, I find us humans severely lacking.

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