Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lyme 2006 thoughts and thanks

Again we have come to the end of another lyme.
I will not bother to rehash the pain of the near 4 HOURS spent on Mount Russo. Instead I would wish to big up some key people.

To the members of the Lyme committee, well done. I think for some reason this lyme was slightly more taxing on us, and we pulled through.

Like last year and even more so this year, the really creative brains behind the whole operation was Le Anne’s. Believe me guys, without her the lyme would have been a boring fiasco. Her input basically shaped the Lyme (at least the original plan).

I have always had respect for our manager, but after this lyme, it has reached new levels, I am near in awe of this guys organizational skills. The way he effortlessly kept on top of everything while seeming to remain in ‘windows’ mode the whole time is amazing. For this year’s lyme I would say Richard was the organizational, and logistics mastermind behind it all (the part that went according to plan at least). I shudder to think what it would have been like without him. I can safely say I would feel safe in any project he manages.

The New kid on the block, Kerise, was almost like a glue holding the team together, they way she facilitated the 2 juggernauts (RC an LR) of the team was amazing. Ever willing and ever ready. Believe me that was no easy task, without her we all would have burnt out a long time ago. I am looking forward to her being on next year’s committee. She is a person you can truly depend on.

Aside from this I have to big up Adrian, for helping me set up the rooms after we reached. Believe me if he hadn’t taken it upon himself to help out, I think I would have gone crazy. U have no idea how grateful I am for your help, but nuff thanks.

Of course I could not finish this blog without thanking mummy. Without her we all would have starved. All will say is a deep heartfelt thanks. Like any mom who seems to be able to deal with and fix any problem, Mummy Mel has saved us too many times to count. Her seemingly inexhaustible stores of energy basically carried us through this weekend making sure we were all well fed, even those who ‘missed the boat’. Again I shudder to think what weekend would have been without her. Nuff Nuff Thanks and Respect.

To the rest of you guys who made this weekend work nuff thanks, it turned out to be a decent lyme, not the best I have ever been on, but definitely a good one none the less, looking forward to next year. I suspect I may take a break from the summer lyme committee then, not totally decided yet, we will see.

Aside: I propose to have “Suss Master” removed from the list of vibes awards as I believe we have serious problems with ballot stuffing where that vote is concerned


bassChocolate said...

It was a decent lyme, under the circumstances. Glad I could help in my own insignificant way.

Mummy Mel` said...

The problem doesn't lie in the title or the giving of the award. The problem is the culture that encourages said category and award to be viable :-D

laroper18 said...

Denial- the state of being constantly possessing a seeker of knowledge, when ironically they already know what the answer is.

reluctant intellectual said...

Thanks to all the lyme committee members and others who made the lyme happen. It was really good in spite of Murphy's sabotage attempts.

The Suss-master award should not be removed, it should be renamed in honour of the person who inspired it, as other awards have been :-).

Mummy Mel` said...

LOLOL, I second the above motion
:-D !